The lowest voice male in the world, too low to hear only about an elephant impossible

American singer Tim Storms is accredited as "the person who can produce the lowest speech in the world". The lowest sound is so low that I can not hear it even by myself, and it seems that it is about large elephant like an elephant.

Tim Storms(Volume attention)

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The lowest voice that Storms can give is G - 7, at frequency it is 0.189 Hz. In the case of the 88 key piano, the lowest sound is 27.5 Hz La (A), the highest tone is 4186 Hz dead (C), but this Storms' s voice is lower than the lowest piano sound (G) It is as low as 8 octaves. It is too low, I can not hear that sound even by myself, only big animals like elephants can listen.

"When you are saying out, Storms says," It feels more or less headed by the frequency, "he says. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised in Waterloo, Indiana, he graduated from high school and started the singer's career as a church choir.

I met a specialist in a throat family at a concert and found that Mr. Storms' voice was amazing. According to a doctor, Mr. Storms' s vocal cord is twice the length of an ordinary person, and it seems that the muscles of the arc around the vocal cord have moved well. The voice produced from this vocal fold brought fame to Mr. Storms and got the honor as an international singer.

What Kore showed low voice. The sound of a normal height (C) is 262 Hz, the average of tenor singers is about 220 Hz, and the sound of the bass, Mi (E) storms issued by Storms was 40 Hz. This still is not the lowest sound yet.

Recently, as a singer who can produce this low E sound which had never been used for the chorus, there is a voice being heard, and Hollywood said that he is heavily using Mr. Storms as a voice to give drama to movie trailers about.

The bass record has been retained by Mr. Storms in the past ten years, but he is motivated to update records himself by saying, "The voice has become so low that I get older."

It is like this when Storms sings normally.

Tim Sorms - We'll Soon Be Done - YouTube

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