Android version of Flash Player can not install from Google Play since August 15

Adobe Systems declared the end of development of Flash Player for mobile browsers in June. From August 15th, Google Play Store settings will be changed, and Flash Player can not be newly installed on Android smartphones that do not have Flash Player preinstalled. Also, because development to Android 4.1 or later is not done, uninstallation of Flash Player is recommended because there is a possibility that operation may become unstable when updating OS to Android 4.1.

Notice from Docomo: About the termination of Flash Player application by Adobe Systems Inc. | Notice | NTT DoCoMo

In the case of NTT docomo, "Galaxy Nexus SC - 04D applies to this" device not pre - installed with Flash Player ". If you do not install Flash Player by August 15, new installation will be impossible due to changes in Google Play Store settings.

The policy for discontinuing development of Flash Player for mobile was what Adobe had decided at the stage of November 2011. According to this, since future updates will only correspond to pre-installed devices, updating will be impossible with other devices. Also, if you initialize the terminal or troubleshoot the terminal, Flash Player will be uninstalled and you will not be able to reinstall it again from Google Play.

Adobe - Flash Player and Android updates

Since 15 August 2012, Adobe changed the setting of Google Play Store, and Flash Player update only applies to devices preinstalled with Flash Player. For devices that do not have Flash Player preinstalled, the chances of losing compatibility with Flash Player will increase, and after August 15th you will not be able to install from the Google Play Store.

The easiest way to continue using Flash Player with Android 4.0 or earlier devices is to use Flash Player to approve equipment pre-installed by the manufacturer, or use Google Play Installing from the Store.

For Android 4.1, neither development nor operation test has been carried out in the first place, there is a possibility that the device may become unstable because Flash Player is not officially supported, there is a possibility that future updates will not be effective Therefore, Adobe recommends uninstallation.

Because Flash Player does not itself start up like a music player and does not play something, some people say that "Google does not know how to use" in the review of the Google Store, but for example Gree and Mobage Some girls are coming out because they are being used by players such as Bandai Channel and Nico Nico Douga Movie Players, so they may notice what they needed after being unusable.

There are people who have used Android on iOS devices such as iPhone because they can not use Flash Player. For the sake of emergency, I'd like you to keep something that can be downloaded at any time even if the version is somewhat old .

Adobe Flash Player 11 - Android application on Google Play

Additional notes:
Not only the PC version but also the Android version, the past version is archived in the following URL. The latest is "Flash Player 11.1 for Android (".

Archived Flash Player versions

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