USB numeric keypad dedicated to IPv6 input helping long address input "IPv6 Buddy"


The IPv4 global address is exhaustedIP address exhaustion problemAs a next-generation protocol to deal withIPv6There is, but the notation method changes from decimal to hexadecimal, the address delimiter is also changed from dot to colon, input becomes much more troublesome.

It is the USB numeric keypad "IPv6 Buddy" specialized for IPv6 that saves me time and effort.

IPv6 Buddy

With the key like this, not only numeric keys 0 to 9 but alphabet keys A to F are added, hexadecimal number can be entered only with the ten key. ". (Dot)" used for digit-separating in IPv4, ": (colon)" used for digit-separating in IPv6, and ":: (colon × 2)" used for abbreviated address in IPv6 are also prepared It is.

With WikipediaAddress notation exampleAlthough it is out, in IPv4

And address values ​​are separated by dots in units of 8 bits, but in IPv6, since they are delimited by colons in units of 16 bits

2001: 0 db 8: bd 05: 01 d 2: 288 a: 1 fc 0: 0001: 10ee

I will write like this. However, since this also becomes longer, you can omit the 0 at the beginning of the section starting with '0' and '10' if it is '0010'. In addition, one part of "0000" as an address value can be omitted by "::".

2001: 0 db 8: 0000: 0000: 1234: 0000: 0000: 9 abc

2001: db 8 :: 1234: 0: 0: 9 abc

That's all the keys you need for this input.

The width of the ten-key is 90 mm, the height is 15.40 mm (front side) to 20.40 mm (back side), the key height is 6.25 mm.

The depth is 149.97 mm.

The price is 19.95 dollars (about 1600 yen), and when you buy it in a set of 10 pieces it costs 179.55 dollars (about 14,000 yen). Incidentally,FAQIt is denied that it is a joke goods.

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