"OpenDNS" to provide secure, high-speed DNS

It is more secure against DNS rewriting which is common in phishing scams etc. Moreover, since the speed of DNS resolution is quick, browsing of the net becomes comfortable, further mistaking "~~. Com" as "~~. Cmo" It seems that even if it inputs it will guide you to the correct site.

Use is free. Details of the setting method etc. are as follows.
OpenDNS | Providing A Safer And Faster DNS

Just set the preferred DNS to "" and set the alternate DNS to "". It is OK if you change the DNS to be referenced on the setting screen of the broadband router to these two. If there is a DNS provided by a provider, it seems that it is faster if it thinks only with speed, but if provider does not provide DNS, setting this makes sure the reaction speed You can expect a rise.

The speed has been verified at the following site, and certainly "OpenDNS" seems to be a high-speed category regarding reaction speed.

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Below, how to set it when it is connected directly to the net.

First open the control panel and click "Network connection"

Click "Local Area Connection"

Click "Properties"

Select "Internet Protocol" and click "Properties"

Enter the DNS server address and click "OK"

Finallyhttp://welcome.opendns.com/Click, and if the screen like the one shown below is displayed, the setting is completed.

People who want to speed up display of pages even in comma zeroseconds are at their own risk.

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