Yaita high-spec tablet "ICONIA TAB A700" is also released in Japan, full HD 10.1-inch screen + Tegra 3 + Android 4.0 loaded with real machine review

We enhanced the movie viewing function with the theme "Anywhere theater"AcerThe Android tablet "ICONIA TAB A 700" will be released in Japan. I decided to review the details because I was able to touch the actual machine this time.

The CPU is NVIDIA's Tegra 3 (1.3 GHz), with four cores and one battery saver core. The system memory is 1GB DDR2, and the built-in storage will be prepared with 2 models of 16GB and 32GB.

The body weight is about 665 grams, and it is a level that does not become a burden even if one hand is held for a short time.

With 1 million pixel front camera, video chat etc is possible.

On the upper right of the display is the word "ICONIA TAB".

At the bottom there is the "acer" logo.

With 10.1-inch wide display with LED backlight, screen resolution is 1920 × 1200 full HD. The high density display of 224 ppi is possible, the brightness is 348 candela, the viewing angle is as wide as 178 degrees so it is convenient for two people to watch a movie side by side.

The back is like this.

In the center is the "acer" logo.

Equipped with 5 megapixel autofocus compatible rear camera supporting panoramic shooting and live effects.

Speaker is like this. When I actually heard the sound, although it is a slightly don't sound that boosted bass and treble, as a mobile terminal it is comparatively powerful level.

Dolby Mobile3+, HD 5.1 channel playback with HDMI and headphones is possible.

Fingerprints are less conspicuous because irregularities are also attached to the back panel by gloss erasing.

When you hold the display toward yourself with the front camera facing up, the bottom part is like this.

It has a micro HDMI (Type D) terminal.

Power supply · Sleep button and headphone jack are mounted on the left side.

On the upper side there is a volume button and a switch to lock the rotation of the screen.

right side.

It has one micro USB 2.0 and can be used by connecting a keyboard etc. in addition to digital camera, flash memory, etc.

A micro SDHC card slot is installed.

The one in front is the SIM slot, but it is obstructed in the model released in Japan and can not be used.

The network is compatible with wireless LAN 11b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1 + ED is also available. It can be used in conjunction with electronic compass and GPS, illuminance · acceleration · 6-axis gyro sensor, and in conjunction with maps and game applications.

◆ Compared with the new iPad (third generation)

It looks like this when piled up.

The thickness of ICONIA TAB A 700 is 10.95 mm, which is about 1.5 mm thick compared to the 9.4 mm of the new iPad.

The size is 260 × 175 mm in length, you can see that it is long sideways compared to the iPad. This is because it was designed to prevent wide margins on the top and bottom of the screen when playing back full HD movies and to display the video exactly as the screen size.

◆ I actually used it

The lock screen looks something like this. The installed OS is Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Clock and date display is clear because the display is high resolution.

Since touching the key icon displays ring shaped UI ... ....

Slide your finger and activate the camera function etc in one shot.

Slide it to the right to unlock it.

The default home screen is as follows.

Touching "Acer Ring" at the bottom of the screen ... ....

Ring-shaped icons are displayed, you can start browsers and access photos and other galleries.

It is also possible to adjust the volume.

Please check the following movie to see the launch of the browser from "Acer Ring".

I tried using "Acer Ring" in the near future future direction with "ICONIA TAB A 700" - YouTube

It has a "file" application that allows you to browse data with Windows-like UI like the one familiar with Windows, so even those unfamiliar with Android are safe.

Let's play a full HD movie.

With such a feeling, you can play movies as much as you can on the screen without creating almost margins up and down.

The resolution that human clothes and backpack details reflected in the size of the fingertip on screen are clearly visible.

How does the image actually play? Please check it with the following movie.

I tried to play a full HD movie with 'ICONIA TAB A 700' - YouTube

HuluI tried to start it.

In the case of SD picture quality contents, the performance of the display was too high, on the other hand, there were scenes where the roughness of the picture was concerned.

The battery capacity is 9800 mAh (32.26 W), the nominal driving time is about 8 hours at the time of web browsing, about 11 hours at the time of 720 p H.264 movie playback, about 1950 hours at standby mode.

When I launch the browser it looks like this.

It is displayed clearly without looking like fine letters also blurred.

The way to input characters using the software keyboard is as follows.

Japanese IME ATOK, English pre-installed XT9.

I tried displaying GIGAZINE.

Looking vertically like this.

Even if it is enlarged, the letters are smooth.

A standard browser is called "benchmark service"Peacekeeper"The score measured using 328. In addition, 379 was a combination of the new iPad and Safari.

Place where PDF file is displayed. As you approach, you can see that it is a smooth display that is quite close to the letters written on the paper.

When you display a high-resolution image, it looks like this.

The expected actual price is expected to be released on 20th July with the 16GB model being 44,800 yen and the 32GB model being 47,800 yen.

People who want to enjoy movies and games on the Android tablet are necessary checks because the movie playing functions such as 10.1 inch full HD display and Dolby Mobile 3+ compatible audio are enriched.

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