Power conversion adapter that can be connected to the world's outlet with 8 change "Gorcon" Review

Since the shape of the outlet varies from country to country, in most countries it is not possible to insert the Japanese power plug directly. Therefore, when using electric appliances in Japan overseas, a product called "power conversion adapter" is required.

Speaking of conversion plugs, there is one to one conversion as follows ... ...

It is not possible to deal with this if you go to more than one country.

Also, there are products that sing the worldwide correspondence by combining multiple parts ... ....

This is a disadvantage that the number of parts increases too much.

So I tried looking for products with the function of combining these conversion plugs into one, and found out the following products.

The review that we are going to review is a set of USB adapters that can accommodate almost all countries' outlets by transforming them into 8 shapes and still has a set of USB adapters for charging iPad etc.Gorcon Plus USB RW 91(3280 yen including tax) ".

The contents are the main body, adapter for USB, storage bag.

The size of the conversion adapter is 106.5 × 50.4 mm, and it fits in the palm of Shibori.

The measured weight is about 49 grams and it is lightweight and easy to carry around.

The appearance looks like this.

The thickness is about 16.5 mm and it does not become jammed even when put in a bag.

Plug in the power plug of appliances brought from Japan backward and use it.

Because the main body is divided into two in the middle, we deform and combine these two parts to correspond to the shape of the outlet of the world.

The shape called "A type" corresponds to Egypt, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Brazil etc.

In the case of "A type" the pins at the tip are parallel, but ....

The one with the tip twisted is "D type".

They are used in Australia, China, Papua New Guinea and others.

In addition, raising the pin in the middle from the "D type" state ... ....

Transformed to "O 2 type" used in China.

The tip of the other part can change the width by pressing the side button, which corresponds mainly to "B type", "SE type" and "C type" used in Europe.

Furthermore, it is also possible to combine both parts.

"BF" type which Kore is used in Argentina, England, India, Jamaica, South Africa and so on.

Changing the direction of attaching the above parts will be of type "B3" used in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Please check with the movie below to see how it actually deforms as a rattling.

I tried transforming "Gorcon" that can be connected to outlets all over the world - YouTube

So, how do you actually transform it? The manual is as follows.

The size of the AC adapter for USB charging is 6 × 6 in width × 1.6 cm in thickness.

The actual weight is about 79 grams.

With "Gorcon Plus" it will be 128 grams, but this is also a light enough level to carry around.

Gimmick which LED light glows blue in energized state is installed.

The outlet plug can be folded and stored.

The USB port is as follows. It corresponds to output of 2000 mA (10 W).

People who are going abroad on business trips and traveling and are essential for charging PCs and digital cameras, so those who are planning to go abroad are essential checks.

Also,Gorcon's siteSo, it has value at first glance because it deals with various power conversion adapters besides this.

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