A pocket-sized light "The Kick" that enables proper lighting according to the situation with iPhone linkage

Photographs and movies can now be easily shot on smartphones rather than using a large set, but to make more effective shooting on the iPhone, the light that you can carry in your pocket "The Kick"is. In addition to lighting by choosing a color of your choice from the color chart, you can create light according to the weather at the time of shooting, reproduce the lightning of the thunder and flame, and expand the possibility of camera shooting on the iPhone.

The Kick - a pocket sized lighting studio for photo & video by Rift Inc - Kickstarter

The Kick | Rift Labs

The body of The Kick is like this.

The Kick operates with iPhone application using wireless LAN (Wi-Fi).

The application operation screen looks like this.

You can easily change the color of the light just by tapping the color of your choice with your finger, and you can adjust the brightness and lighting according to the weather at that time.

The Kick is about the same size as the iPhone, so you can carry it in your pocket.

The movie of The Kick is from the following.

The Kick is a pocket-sized light that can light according to the situation.

This is the prototype of The Kick. Although you can operate even with iPhone, the Kick itself can also adjust the brightness from side buttons and lighting according to the weather.

Try to operate using the downloaded iPhone application.

First, tap the button on the right of the screen to display the color chart.

Choose your favorite color by manipulating the color chart with your fingers.

You can also select the effect you've used up to now from the effects library.

It is also possible to tap the shooting screen and directly select the color on the screen.

When photographing outdoors, there are times when you can not take pictures well with backlit.

But even at such times you can shoot with proper lighting if you use The Kick. Girls of subjects will be cute all the time.

You can also shoot while adjusting the color by fixing the Kick to the stand and making a mini shooting studio.

If you take pictures of dolls with the effect of thunder, full-scale animation will be completed.

Beyond Skull's line of sight ... ...

A figure in the dark.

When the thunder shines, the appearance of the ninja becomes obvious. I will direct serious air like a battle.

Also, using the application can also reproduce the effect of the light in the screen as it is.

When the point is removed from the flame in the screen, the light goes off ... ...

Once again point the flame, the light will light up to match the flame fluctuation.

Using The Kick makes it possible to shoot effective pictures and movies without using an exaggerated set,

That's why we can make mood when we are here.

The Kick is currentlyKickstarterWe are collecting funds for commercialization at. The deadline is the local date and time on July 18th. When you commercialize it by investing $ 149 (about 12,000 yen), The Kick with Wi-Fi gets one, you can change the version if you increase the amount of investment. In addition, if you are outside of the United States, a separate shipping fee of $ 15 (about 1200 yen) will be charged.

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