`` Public phone chis '' that understands where the public phone is and the removal situation



Now that it is natural to have a mobile phone, the opportunity to use a public phone has been reduced. However, the site that maps the location of the public phone is 'Public Phone Chizu' because it is lonely to say that there was a public phone in the town in the old days. Registered by volunteers, about 90,000 of all public telephones in Japan are mapped.

Public Phone Chizu | How to Live Without a Mobile Phone
http://www.telmap.net/ (* Service end)

I just clicked on the phone icon at the top. “Doutor Coffee Shop Shin Matsudo” and click on the name of the place.

Then, as the detailed information, the name of the place where the public telephone is located, the registration date and registrant, the address, and the map around the telephone were displayed. This public telephone is located near JR Shin-Matsudo Station and Ryutsu-no-Koya Station.

You can find out where the pay phone is registered from the list or the map. This is a list display.

The map is displayed and zoomed to JR Tokyo Station.

Click on the detailed information screen. Unlike the previous public phone, photos of what kind of public phone are posted are easy to understand.

By the way, there are 231,038 public telephones installed in Japan at the end of 2011, and 90,000 of them are posted on this site. However, over 5800 of them have already been removed.

A certain number of public telephones remain unremoved because they are useful in emergencies, but it seems better to always check where you can go in case of emergency.

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