NVIDIA Announces Future Policy Receiving F Word from Linux Developer Linus


Linux developer, Mr. Linus Torvalds, pushed the middle finger against NVIDIA and said "Fuck you!" Shocking remarksNVIDIA 's public relations are reacting to this remarks immediately.

[Phoronix] NVIDIA PR Responds To Torvalds' Harsh Words

Linus Torvalds got mad at NVIDIA,Optimus TechnologyWas not supporting Linux, and there were various problems that had accumulated until then. Mr. Torvalds, who stood up his middle finger and expressed "angry fuck you" to the fullest anger, truncated NVIDIA as "the worst company among the companies the Linux community traded in the past".

NVIDIA spokesperson's comment on this is as follows.

For NVIDIA, Linux support is important. And I also understand that there are people who enthusiastically love Linux as an open source community, just as we are passionating customers to experience the wonder of the GPU.

Recently, with regard to Optimus technology, we have raised some questions that our support is lacking. (This was in response to the question of Mr. Torvalds' remarks on how to think about the attitude that Linux installation from a woman using an Optimus equipped PC does not work, but NVIDIA does not publish the document It corresponds to that)

Optimus technology initially only supported Windows 7. However, Linux users "Bumblebee Project"And launched to support Linux with Optimus technology, installers and documentation were improved.

Even NVIDIA understands that some people want that we want more detailed documentation on the inside of all GPUs, we want the development kernel development discussion to be more active. Therefore, we decided not to support Linux as a common infrastructure but to support Linux on the GPU side by putting in the NVIDIA common code. Everyone may not be pleased, but this will allow us to provide a consistent GPU experience for all customers, without being bound by the platform and OS framework.

The result is like this.

1. Linux users can receive immediate support for new GPUs.

2. Both desktop PCs and notebook PCs support Linux on a wide range of NVIDIA GPUs such as the latest GeForce, Quadro, and Tesla. These drivers are "http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.htmlIt is provided with.

3. NVIDIA will be a very aggressive user of the Linux kernel for ARM. We are giving high priority to internal lines for the latest 3.4 AMR Linus kernel that will be used in future Linux, Android and Chrome OS distributions. This is because NVIDIA ultimately crosses multiple platforms and delivers the best GPU experience to all consumers is an important goal.

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