The curry fair that I chose the best 3 from 131 curries and selected the best 3 "Curry Tari chosen by everyone" etc. Royal host 30 th year curry fair All curry Taste results are like this

This time we can taste the best 3 curries chosen by popularity vote from past curry menu at onceCurry Tari selected by everyone"Will be released. In addition to thatBeef java curry"Kashmir beef curry"Royal Indian Chicken Curry"Scallop & fried shrimp fried omelette ~ Fishes of the sea Curry sauce ~"Curry vegetable farm-like tomato curryWe also said that it will also appear, we have participated in the tasting party ahead of the release on June 19 (Tue).

Gather! It is! Delicacy of thirty years Curry fellow

It is a list of this menu. As the name of curry fair, curry menu is sliding anyway. Among them, "Curry Tari chosen by everyone" seems to be an eye-catching item, which is the best 3 as a result of carefully selecting 30 kinds among 131 kinds of curry products Royal host commercialized in the past carefully and then popular vote A menu that curry can be eaten at once.

First of all, this is "everyone's curry terrier" (1659 yen including tax).

From the left "Maharaja style Indian chicken curry" "The Royal chef curry" "Specialty seafood soup curry".

This is "The Royal Chef Curry" which got 1842 out of 21189 votes and became the 1st place. Although it is an orthodox taste, it is a European style curry where deepness is felt in both richness and spicyness which is the real pleasure of curry. Those who usually cook can understand it, but it is quite difficult to reproduce this taste at home. That's a very worthwhile taste.

Next, "Maharaja style Indian chicken curry" which won 1454 votes and became second place. Sweetness is felt at first, but after that it feels spicy. It is a curry that you can fully enjoy the two tastes that the sweetness is felt afterwards for the first minute feeling sweetness, and then sweetness stands out again when you eat a bite. There is a spicy hot spice different from "The Royal Chef Curry", it is recommended to enjoy compared with eating.

"Soubi Curry of Special Sea" which became 3rd place with 1402 votes, you can taste the texture tightened as a shrimp prepuriant ,, the soup is steeply impregnated with shrimp dashi, both are flavorful Shrimp if you like it should be a taste of conviction.

Rice is also nice, but Nan of mochi and mochi is also compatible with curry. There are three types of curry, Nan, rice, so you can enjoy a total of 6 different ways to eat. Also, since two thirds of the number of votes are female and it is de facto "female preference ranking", the possibility of obtaining the consent of curry lover women should be quite high content is. On Thursday, June 14th, it is supposed to be offered at a discount of 30% at the time limit of 11 o'clock to 24 o'clock on "day of Roiho (614)".

The next came is the new menu "Scallop & Shrimp fried omelet rice ~ Fishes of the seafood curry sauce ~" (1239 yen including tax).

When curry sauce is cooked on omelet rice all over, it makes the atmosphere very good, so I tried it actually. It makes me feel appetizing quite a bit, so it feels nice.

I tried shrimp & shrimp fried omelet with seafood soup curry sauce - YouTube

Curry sauce is applied and at the same time the flavor of curry spreads swiftly, which also stimulates appetite.

Egg of omelet rice is fluffy on the surface, exquisite texture in the inside while trout. Even just omelet rice is very high completion, but when the curry sauce which the shrimp's flavor firmly rests on is combined, the depth also adds to the taste, and the spoon does not stop.

Inside is such a feeling, trolley and eggs and curry sauce often adapts to rice.

The inside of this fly is scallops. Not only curry sauce but also tartar sauce is wrapped properly.

A umami with umami fat is a point of taste.

Shrimp's body is dusty, chewy is pleasant and taste is rich.

Four kinds of curry appeared at once in a moment.

Also here is a new menu 'vegetable vegetable farm-like tomato curry' (1029 yen including tax). Rice is attached to the menu.

Summer vegetable tomatoes. The baked tomato means that the taste is mellow, but the raw texture remains firmly.

This is an eggplant. The texture and flavor of the fried eggplant are alive.

If there is pumpkin, too ...

There is also a whole roof of roses. Overall, the sourness of tomato and dish are not seen, but it is a dish that you can feel the umami of beef tucked firmly into Ru. Some vegetables are big enough not to eat in a bite, there is a response to eat anyway.

This is "Beef Javan Curry". It seems to be reproducing the taste of those days that appeared in the Showa 40's. Although it was only Ru this time, the original menu was cold soup, coleslaw salad, crab cream croquette attached, Western style set meal and the price was 1554 yen including tax.

The sweetness of the thoroughly fried onion is felt very well, and at the same time, you can enjoy the rich taste that the bouillon won. Beef is often simmered and softened, it is best to break down and eat it with rice and get rid of it. It is a degree of feeling a bit spicy, but it is evidence that blur and sweat will blur after eating, that spice is working.

"Kashmir beef curry" (1134 yen including tax) "famous popular number 1 in the familiar menu that was great in the past to say that it" always removes from the popularity vote because it provides it ".

Ru has no thickening and it looks like a soup, and rice which it made to be Pasapasa seems to match without ordinary rice. From the moment I ate it, I feel the spicy because 18 different spices are used. It is a curry with a mysterious flavor like a spice curry in a beef stew, but it tastes like a habit, so it can be nominally said that the popularity of the successive number 1 is popular.

This is "Royal Indian Chicken Curry" (1029 yen including tax).

Although spice is certainly valid, it is more mellow than the "Maharaja style Indian chicken curry" before. People who say, "I like being hot but not very strong" may suit if you eat here. Rubber and large chicken are stained firmly in the middle, and the taste of meat umami and curry flavored when burned felt as juicy, and the taste when it was combined with rice can not be said anything Hmm.

In addition, curry menu can be attached with "Curry fair set" with plus tax of 325 yen.

"Vishiowazu and cold soup of peas" is a texture like a real slim potato soup which is very rough. It is rich in taste, but it is rather cold so it's easy to taste.

Colexu salad is not too acidic, it is just right balance. The cabbage's texture is truly awesome, carrots are coloring.

The end is dessert. "Summer parf of fresh pine" (504 yen including tax).

There is only a thing saying that we are using canned pine, not peta italy but sharp pine.

The hibiscus jelly which feels a little sweetness is colorfully beautiful.

The yellow peach of refreshing sweetness finally awaits Gororin. It is a dessert with a refreshing taste that is perfect after eating curry.

In addition, this menu will be sold from Tuesday, June 19, but some of the stores shown below have already started prior to June 5 (Tue).

· Miyanomori (Hokkaido)
· Sendai Negishi (Miyagi Prefecture)
· Matsumoto Nagisa (Nagano Prefecture)
· Sakurashinmachi Station, Sakurashincho, Fuchuhigashi, Shikibu (Tokyo)
· Kohachi (Chiba)
· Yatsuzaka (Kanagawa)
· Hachiji (Aichi)
· Kitayama (Kyoto)
· Morinomiya (Osaka prefecture)
· Minatogawa (Hyogo)
· Shiobara, Katsuyama Park (Fukuoka Prefecture)

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