I went to a hotel with a free WiFi and breakfast at the center of Los Angeles that could stay at around 5000 yen

Since I stayed at a cheap hotel in downtown when I was interviewing Los Angeles, I will report on the local situation. Since we decided to go to Los Angeles by interviewing Game Event E3 this time, we decided to take a lodging in downtown near the venue. Among them, if the price is a single, I chose "City Center Hotel" which was relatively cheaply reserved for Sugu on the net for around $ 70 per night (5600 yen).

First off from JapanHotel siteAccess to "RESERVATIONS" Click

Enter the date of your stay and click "NEXT"

Click "Book Room" if conditions are met

Enter your name, credit card number, etc.

After that, there is no need to print something and carry it, it is ok if you go straight to the site.

So we arrived at the hotel. A big building that looks behind is another facility that has nothing to do with it.

As you can see from the front it is relatively small and cozy.

Signboard of impression such as American motel, really.

The name of the hotel written in various languages ​​symbolizes the LA of a multiethnic society ... ... the Japanese notation is "HOTEL".

The entrance looks something like this.

Pass the full name at the reception desk and show your passport and check in after completing payment with credit card.

I get the key of the room.

The appearance of the building is as follows.

A skyscraper can be seen on the roof and I feel that I came to a big city.

In front of the room.

"Gacha" I will open the door.


There is a shelf to put the luggage, and there is a shower and a toilet at the end of the back door.

I saw the entrance from the back of the room.

There are two chairs and a desk.

It is a spacious top board so you can work comfortably

The chair has a backrest and an armrest, which you can sit comfortably for a long time.

There is an outlet under the desk, but there is a trace of "Buchash" and something spilled. Although it is chaotic to the splatter appearance, since it is the same shape as Japan, products that do not matter even if the voltage changes can be used as it is.

Because there is heating, I am comfortable staying even in cold weather.

Bright California sunshine comes in from the window.

When you turn "handle" and "kurukuru" the window opens and closes.

Blackout curtains are included.

Open and close is done with a bar attached to the curtain.

A sofa next to the window.

There is a shelf to put the luggage, and on the top there is an old TV using a CRT.

It is like this in the shelf.

Convenient because of a good amount of baggage.

There is also a refrigerator.

The king size bed. Compared with the notebook PC placed above, I can understand the size well.

Alarm clock at bedside.

There is an iron and dedicated stand in front of the washroom, and sticks that can put on suit etc are prepared.

The shower room looks like this.

The toilet is rather old-fashioned, not including washlette.

The washbasin is quite clean and shampoo, soap and towels are available but there is no shaving or toothbrush.

The movie that entered the room and photographed the main place can be seen below.

I stayed at City Center Hotel in Los Angeles - YouTube

I have a swimming pool outdoors ... ...


There is a laundry in the neighborhood.

It is out of the urban area and there are some bad atmosphere streets around, so be careful.

It is a district where there are many people from Latin America, so it was drawn on the wallGuadalupe(Our Lady).

There is a park when walking a little.

If you want to save the rent when traveling or traveling, please consider as one of the options.

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