My shoes broke in Los Angeles and my fingers popped out so I bought a new item in a hurry

The shoes suddenly broke up as "birits", and once a hole has opened, a troubled situation occurs in which the cloth tears and spreads while watching. Besides, badly, game events in the USAE3I came to Los Angeles who was unfamiliar with the interview, and I could not drive a car and there was no habit of land, so it became a situation that I was in trouble.

That's why, as an example of how to deal with troubles that may happen to someone else's body, it's all about the process of finding a shop and purchasing it.

A hole is opened on the side of the left foot, a little finger, and the inside is in a completely visible state.

It's big enough to make it easier for the index finger of your hand to enter. Please note that this shoes has been done almost every day for more than half a year, so it is a special husband that is not easy to break.

"InjinjiBecause I am wearing a five-finger sock called ......

The little finger of the foot from the hole pops out as "Pocon". This condition is pretty dangerous, and I actually decided to purchase a new item in a hurry, as I had to hit my fingertips against the legs of the desk during the interview and suddenly fell.

To search for a shop in a place without the habit of the land of AmericaGoogle MapYaYelpIt is convenient. However, it is better to ask people than to search information such as "Do you have dangerous roads that you should not go around" ?, "Shops selling sports shoes well?" I went to the front desk as soon as possible.

In a place like a small motel, local people are often at the front, and I was taught Sugu the address and directions of the store per heart. Aiming is "WSS shoe store".

I left for the city of dusk at once.

I will go by the side like this way.

I found "Wilshire street" that was in the memo.

I arrived at another landmark "Union street", so the destination should be close ......

I saw the shop.

Since I want to finish shopping before dusk, I will head inside the store at once.

On a shelf nearly twice as tall as a person's "rucksack" and a shoes stuffed with fulfilling items.

Products of major manufacturers such as Adidas are lining up.

A bit of clothing and sporting goods and department stores.

I found another 60% off sign.

Sale items are gathered like this, but most of them were too big in size.

Looking at another department, shoes with divided fingertips are sold. In this case, it seems that it will be burdensome to the cloth hitting the little finger, so it can have expectation that it will not be torn like this time.

Looking from the side it looks like this.

The price is reasonable at about 30 dollars (2400 yen).

The shoe sole is like this.

If you look closely it is only 4 fingers separated. On the contrary, it seemed like a burden was applied to the side of little finger, but purchase decision because comfort is not bad.

At the cash register, you can simply sign the stylus through the credit card on the following machine, OK.

When I got out, the sun was setting.

I lost my way and got lost in a bad way, but I was able to return to the hotel safely.

So, we recommend that you check shoes that you will wear when going to places you do not know about on a business trip or travel, not to mention sturdy items, but also to make sure they are not damaged.

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