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Young Animator Training Project "Anime Mirai"ofAnnouncement of next year's project "Anime Mirai 2013" participation workIt was done. This year there were 18 entries from the company, and participating projects are directed by Chiaki Koichi's "Dragon - RYO -"(Gonzo Co., Ltd., producer Shinichiro Ishikawa), directed by Yoshinori SunLittle Witch Accademia(Trigger Co., Naoko Tsutsumi Producer), Director Kenji Muto's "TV Family Channel · Jacker(Pierrot Co., Ltd., Producer Oshiro Toshiyo), directed by Tatsukawa Yori's "Death billiards (temporary)"(Madhouse Co., Ltd., Takuya Kaki Takuya Producer) 4 works

This projectI want to raise young artists who mainly produce animatorsThe premise is based on the idea. Participating animators are less than 3 veteran leaders, young people (20s) are 5 or more, and work is prohibited during the production period. It will be a style that everyone concentrates on the work of animation Mirai at the same workplace. The work produced will be released to theaters around early spring 2013, so please look forward to it.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

"IRemocon" to enable remote control of home appliances from the outside via iPhone or iPad - GIGAZINE

When you visualize frequently keyed keys with the keyboard, it becomes like this - GIGAZINE

Horipro talent scout caravan recruiting "voice actor artist" specialized in animation, thoroughly interviews his intention - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
Masu Neeta: [Browsing Attention] Acts that should not be done absolutely in funny half

Three major disappointing cases for the Japanese literary citizens that Japanese should know - Togetter

Defeat China that dominated Japan with religion! "Final Judgment" | Destruction store

Fictional Newspaper Digital: Partial report on the 5th article "Reprinted Channel" article
"Huge bulletin board group which can reprogram freely freely "Open 2 Channel"About the conclusion that it is similar to 'Reprint chan' of Fictitious Newspaper.

【Reading attention】 Wonderful taste with water syrup puffy in figures Warota: Sister is VIPPER

How Ms. Katayama Satsuki is Made: Yamamoto Ichiro BLOG (blog)

What is wrong with this ... It is sorry for the principal, but there is a situation that the argument that a slight tendency to be inspected can be seen from the outside is not to be taken as a result that the finding is given that there is room for easy establishment It is what is seen.

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Leisureman \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: 【Science】 If birds were not born to the earth, there may have been huge insects still in the sky now - Livedoor blog

Pest infestation prevention special report No. 1 Phthamon madara meiga / Shiga prefecture

Damages in blueberries have not been reported so far, and the case of the prefecture is the first confirmation.

Liver cancer risk reduction when eating fish = effect of unsaturated fatty acid - cancer center - WSJ Japan version - www.WSJ.com

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
All pediatricians intend to retire Saitama Red Cross Hospital

Currently there are four full-time doctors in pediatrics, all of whom wish to retire from summer to autumn. Although the hospital side has detained, it is highly likely that everyone will retire. The reasons for retirement have not been disclosed.

It's like a yakuza! Siberian railway logistics request "rental fee" Japanese government protests against Russian government + (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News

Shopping district revitalization subsidy is "abolished" ministry version sorting: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Do not let me scribble under the guard! JR East secretive: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Science fiction master Ray Bradbury dies, 91 year old photo 5 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Painful news (No ∀ `): Space weapons for ground attacks in the United States" Staff of God "Destruction power comparable to nuclear bombs - Livedoor blog

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Mujirushi Ryouichi's biggest campaign | Muji Quality House

"80-year-old's own teeth of 20" achieved 38.3%: Garbagenews.com

@nifty: Daily Portal Z: Rules hidden in everyday life

Problems with high academic background in parrots and waste

What is common to the criminals of the Sarin incident in the subway and those who empathize emotionally (not "soul" etc.) is self - consciousness that enlarged. Of course, it is wonderful to pursue "true and beauty" in life. The problem is that while pursuing "true god beauty" as tatemae, as a matter of fact it is merely tinkering with the elite consciousness that he had survived.
Yoshihiro Inoue Death row prisoners were typical. Even if you say something lofty, after all it is a childish elite consciousness, so it will be seen through the nature behind it. In a trial held at the Tokyo district court on October 13, 1999, Inoue pointed out from the survivor's bereaved family.

"When you were a high school student, you thought of a wonderful thing when you were a high school student, it's amazing.I am awesome (adults in the world) lost their freedom, lost their ideals, devastated, devastated and there is no love.I was worthy, I can not think very much. It will be you, we are a normal family, but I was happy that there was no ideal "(From Asahi Shimbun's October 14, 1999 morning edition)

Ordinary people desperately deserve "life" in front of their eyes. On top of that, we know "meaning of life" mainly as a rule of thumb, sometimes thinking historically, or (indigenously) religiously, dealing with social problems as necessary based on "life" and "life" .
It is not the case that "those who have tamed the elite consciousness". First of all, they have no "life". There is not enough empirical "life". Especially, despising ordinary "life" and "life", he runs to the fictional thought that "it is only fool of the world". The figure that talks about "ideal" is also based on the awareness of electoralists to the last.

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Trend Micro certifies B-CAS rewrite tool as malware | Slashdot Japan Security

【LINE】 How to read unread messages of LINE without notifying others as not already read - I am town! (Hatena)

If you read what you read to the other party,
It seems to me that "I wonder why you will not reply to why you read" to your opponent, it's kind of troublesome.
People who feel similar inconvenience, there may be many others.

That's why I decided to make such a tool by leaving it to me.

NTT docomo: Evasmaho 120 seconds TVCM, one time broadcast! June 10 | RBB TODAY (Entertainment, Movie / Drama News)

Press Release: Expand overseas packet flat-rate service to all telecommunications carriers in target countries / regions | Notice | NTT DoCoMo

Discounted goods like rumored NTT made IC card reader cheap: administrator's room

The part number is the same as SCR 3310 and NTT.
NTT's logo is not included and it is cheap nearly 2000 yen.
Probably the same item.
The person who chooses the package or NTT's logo would be better if he chose the NTT made earlier.

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
StarChild: Ginkgo Yu Pia A Manabi Straight! Blu-ray BOX
Presentation result of BD-BOX jacket official election

Fate / Zero - Fourth Holy Grail War Exhibition -

【BLEACH】 One novel version by Dr. Ryosuke Narita to eliminate the contradiction points of the original 16 places or more

Animation that seemed to be "good to see until the end ...": Entertainment VIP chan

Yufuwa Outdoor "Yamano Suzume" turns into TV animation! Production is Eitbit | Hobby | My Navi News

JOJO + JoJo + - Google+

Author Araki Tsuzuki Today is also the birthday of the student Jikkyo June 7th!
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure"
JoJo official fan page authorized by Ultra Jump
"JoJo +" will be opened!

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
"The world you do not know" Broadcast writer Mr. Ikuo Niinura died - Sponichi Annex entertainment

Big data prediction among 15 people out of 16 - AKB 48 selected general election Nikkei digital marketing

2 Channels Summary There is no name yet 【Movie】 AKB Mariko Shinoda Convinced to fifth place Confirmed that it is Maji Gile wwwwwwww

【Quick News】 You Miyane shop wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww: Haja Shah

The painful news (No ∀ `):" I have to support "AKB fans, 2700 votes with 530000 yen savings ... members" smart face "smile - livedoor blog

【Tamaki Ryuichi's tiger's view record】 Breakdown, decline ... think of the 44-year old Kimoto (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei west

Atsushi Uchida "It's tough today, everyone .... AKB48's general election" Reporter's burst out laughter - footballnet 【2 chan channel soccer news conclusion】

Ranking by number of teams in the past season Number of players Ranking: Anything Jitsui

Filder 's Choice: NPB, past all the game details on the net p - livedoor Blog (blog)

[Baseball] Are there many 144 games a year? Is it less? : What J (and baseball ch) was raised by rush

24: Wind blowing if nothing: 2012/05/29 (Tuesday) 18: 33: 07.16 ID: Ep7nTVvC
If you increase it further, the value of 2000 hits will fall down tremendously

A baseball summary site is made !!: The fact that there is only one person who has achieved 200 wins with a college graduation pitcher

4: Wind blowing nameless 2012/06/07 (Thur) 02: 48: 13.72 ID: CfzrAfXB
Even though we have 10 wins every year from 22 to 37, 150 wins even 15 years

What's a stadium @ N J summary: [video] 9 times Table 1 Death 1st and 2nd Base Why did Hosokawa throw to the second base?

9 times 30 times in Rifuku wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (What J) is not given

48: Wind blowing if not named: 2012/06/06 (Wednesday) 22: 28: 27.37 ID: fuDlEgVH
It is too long.
It is a very good level of balk in delayed action

199: Wind blowing nameless: 2012/06/06 (Wednesday) 22: 46: 53.96 ID: 51 GvFMqE
It's still nice because you can change the cut on TV
I'm absolutely irritated when I look at the stadium

Filder's Choice: The home base of professional baseball should match the television broadcasting network - livedoor Blog (blog)

12 players who succeeded in breeding · player who failed baseball

[Professional baseball] Are you actively buying products of the parent company? : There was pleasure to put together myself J

The match result wwwwwwww (What J) is not given "You and I can hit you!"

Ramirez "If you continue to use Unified Ball, Japan is a baseball that will be useless

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
I can not touch it! New bamboo shoots villa emerges "Takemono no yaki baked bamboo shoots" New release | Meiji Co., Ltd.

New genre products born in Okinawa "Asahi Orion Southern Star" "Asahi Orion Rich Style" ~ Popular items of Orion Beer will be released nationwide for a limited time for Asahi Beer! ~ | Asahi Breweries

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