A car that reproduced SF battle vehicle Wort Hog in full size appeared in MS's "Halo 4" booth

1/1 (full size) model of fighter vehicle Warthog (Warthog) appearing in "Halo" seriesE3Since it was exhibited at Microsoft's booth at, we have taken every corner.

The appearance of the booth is as follows.

A poster like this is stuck on the E3 venue.

It looks greenish by the influence of the lighting, but the real thing is a little weak color like a plain color.

Attached giant tires for off road.

We have a winch in front of the body.

Looking diagonally from the front, it looks like this.

Equipped with a gun that is considered to be for anti-aircraft at the rear of the car body.

The height of the car is about the same as the height of an adult man.

Interior decoration is also built in.

Looking like this from the back.

Handle is fairly simple design.

At the side of the car body there is a hole like a waste heat mouth from the engine.

When I look through the driver's seat, it feels like this.

Looking out from inside the car will look like this.

The other booths that were in the venue were mainly focused on demonstration play and movie broadcasting, so it was surprisingly small that we actually exhibited large three-dimensional objects, so in that sense we attracted attention of visitors .

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