Facebook founder receives a second class action lawsuit on suspicion of insider trading

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When Facebook did an initial public offering (IPO), stock prices did not grow at all, but they declined when the week ended, Morgan Stanley said it was upset as Morgan Stanley was revising downward while keeping Facebook's income and expenditure prediction on investors A class action sued against Mark Zuckerburg CEO was raised on the matter. Mr. Zuckerberg filed a lawsuit with Facebook and Morgan Stanley two weeks ago and this is the second case.

Mark Zuckerberg Sued - Accused Of Selling Off A Billion Before Facebook Disaster | TMZ.com

Facebook shareholders' complaint is that Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg knows in advance that the stock price is overrated when the company makes initial public offering (IPO), and before the market price declines It sold a billion dollars (about 78.3 billion yen). Mr. Zuckerberg will be sued by this case for the second time two weeks ago.

In lawsuit, Mr. Zuckerberg and his colleagues hide that the fundamental part of Facebook's business model is flawed, in fact the value of $ 38 per share (about 3000 yen) for Facebook shares It was pointed out that it was not.

In addition to Mr. Zuckerberg, Morgan Stanley Company, JP Morgan Company, Goldman Sachs Company, Inc., this case is the case. Either company knows that the price of Facebook stock in advance is excessive, and that it is a betrayal against investors that select information was announced without informing the majority of investors about that information It is caught.

TMZ says "Mark is worth" only "15 billion dollars (1.18 trillion yen)" Ironically it is tightening. In terms of $ 15 billion, it is the amount of money previously presented when Microsoft tried to acquire Facebook, the market capitalization at the time of 2007, and it approximates Facebook's amount (16 billion dollars) at this IPO It is the value of. On the other hand, because of having a large amount of funds, FacebookA $ 15 billion litigation from users as tracking internet usage and infringing privacyIt has been woken up.

Mr. ZuckerbergMarriage on the next day of IPOI went to honeymoon to Italy,I leave without putting chips in Rome,I can not withdraw money at ATMAnd, I was suffering from something terrible travel.

This is a receipt of meal in Rome.

ItalianTM NEWSHowever, he reported the appearance of Zuckerberg troubled by ATM.

Next time it is going to get over the trial rush.

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