Approximately 27,000 people in Korea sued class Apple, totaling 27 billion won consolation fee

Approximately 27 thousand iPhone users in Korea sued classes of Apple.

Apple Sued by South Korean IPhone Users Over Location Data - Businessweek

According to Bloomberg's report, about 27,000 South Korean iPhone users have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple. This is in response to the fact that the 3G model of the iPhone and the iPad records the location information without user's consent in this spring, infringement of privacy is said to be the reason for the complaint.

The plaintiffs have requested Apple for a consolation fee of 1 million won (about 71,500 yen) per person, and the total amount of consolation fee is calculated in a simple calculation by roughly 27 billion won (about 1.93 billion yen ).

In this class action lawsuit, the law firm named "Mirae Law" representing the plaintiff group recruited plaintiffs via the Internet, and "1 million won per person", which is regarded as the amount of consolation fee,When Apple lost in a similar lawsuit in mid July, the amount paid to the plaintiff as compensation for psychological stress was 1 million wonIt seems to be for.

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