A nude cracker that breaks the shell between the legs of a nude mannequin and is too surreal

Tackle curious art using food and mannequinJennifer RubellWork of"Nutcrackers"Became a spectator participating art too too surreal to divide the shell of nuts with the thighs of 18 nude mannequins arranged in orderly gallery like a factory and eat it as it is It is.

Jennifer Rubell

Nude mannequins line up in a slightly different posing.

Looking at the angle from the bottom like this.

Because the indigo of the mannequin has a dent, it can set so as not to roll nuts.

Behind the scenes.

There is a huge container like a pool in the gallery.

If you look closely, all contentsTexas · PecanA kind of nut. People who come can break the shell as much as you want and eat nuts.

Since there are various types of mannequins, it is possible to break the nut shell using your favorite mannequin.

Redhead curly hair is cute mannequin.

Clean brunette.

This person of short hair is intellectual atmosphere.

Blonde beautiful girls love everyone.

I am gazing at the empty space with a gaze at all times.

The state of actually breaking nuts in the crotch of a mannequin is as follows.

Jennifer Rubell's Nutcracker at Frieze New York on Vimeo

Take nuts from the container next to the mannequin ... ...

Pick up the shells and scraps accumulated between the feet with hands and put the nuts in the crotch of a blonde beauty.

Grasp the left foot with both hands ......

I will lower my arm very much.

If you take out fruit from a broken shell, you can eat delicious nuts immediately.

Incidentally, this work was inspired by Hilary Clinton's walnut split doll, and it has become a work expressing two aspects of women's "femininity" and "strength". Besides, Hilary · Clinton of a good smile who breaks the walnut with stainless steel teeth between the feetPurchased at Amazon at affordable price of 3280 yenis.

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