2channels orders prohibition of reprinting by name for 5 summary sites

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Of the so-called 2ch summary site that collects the contents of writing on the giant bulletin board 2 channel, it is "Yao!"Hamster bulletin"Hachimama draft"I like game news bulletin @ blade"【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')For five sites, "2channels" has ordered to prohibit reprinting by name. Each of the five sites will write this as an article, write comments like the end declaration, and declare continuation of renewal without reprinting in the future.

About data usage of 2ch


It is disadvantageous to use 2ch copyrighted work for a person who does not apologize to a third party, so it is prohibited to use 2ch works in the following URL.
Also, we will prohibit the use of copyrighted work by similar persons and related persons to similar sites as well.


There is a possibility that some measures will be taken regarding the use of unlisted copyrighted material that is not clarified.

The response of each site to this is as follows.

2ch summary site finally died! You can order reprinting reprints from 2 chats etc. Yaroon!

Ham speed finish ('▽ `) ノ: Hamster breaking news

Hiroyuki is prohibiting reprinting with 2ch summary site name. Hachima draft \ (^ o ^) /: Hachimama draft

2ch summary site death of my game like flash news! You can order reprinting by name from 2ch · · · \ (^ o ^) /: Game report of my game @ blade

New speed VIP blog end: 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

By the way, in the past "warn.txt" was written as follows.

Warn.txt (WEB fishery on 27th June 2008)

Hey Hey, how are you?


This time, such measures were taken against the summary site, as you can see from reading 32 of the following threads. By the way, Hiroyuki "ID: Yi1oeptXP? S ★ (1116243)" which appeared from 31 is.

☆ 【2ch summary blog】 Hachimama contribution and black malignant stem companies ★ 210 【livedoor · DECCI · KND】

Based on writing by Hiroyuki,Weekly Shonen Sunday Deleted the article when the article tweeted when the editor tweeted the article content that the editor interviewed "Ya Oh!" Fake statements and the editor said "to consult a lawyer". As it was confirmed that no apology was done on this subject, "Hi, it is almost time for the tide," Hiroyuki wrote, warn.txt was updated. At this point, "Hachimama Prop." And "Oretial Game Bulletin @ Blade" were not included, but then in the thread, "I deleted the article without apologizing in the case where the article got jogged A case example was reported and it became an order to prohibit reprinting to 5 sites like present.

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