The world of sand forgetting the water and the green earth is another planet, the Namib desert is the highlight of sightseeing in Namibia

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. The hi-res of sightseeing in Namibia is where the huge sand dunes standNamib Desert. For access to Sesriem (Sesrium) which is the base of sightseeing, it is common to participate in a tour or arrange a rental car. Sesriem is located in the inland away from the main road and has no access by public transport. However, I can run even by bike. The sandy world of the Namib desert that arrived then seemed to be another planet.

Here is Sesriem (Sesrium), a tourist base in the Namib Desert.

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From the capital of Namibia Windhoek (Winthook), I absolutely want to see the seaSwakopmund (Swakopmund)We aimed. As I recall, I have not seen the ocean for some time since Benin in West Africa last July. If I had patience for about a month, there is a sea at the Kiyomi peak in South Africa, but the sea of ​​Swakopmund at the 4th distance was calling. The sea breeze blowing through, the horizon seen in the distance, the sound of the returning waves, the sea which I felt after a long absence was healed. There is only a little there, but it is settled when I see the ocean.

I will descend from Windhoek at an altitude of 1,800 m to Swakopmund at an altitude of 0 m.

Then he came to the sea. The ocean here is the Atlantic Ocean, and across the sea there is the Americas.

The street of Swakopmund is beautiful like Europe.

During my stay, I was excited about the sand dune world that I could see far away.

30 km north of SwakopmundWalvis Bay (Walvis Bay)We ran along the coastal road where sand dunes connect. The head is full of Tottori sand dunes. I climbed the sand dune and I was caught alone.

Signs for attention to "Sand (sand)" when you run toward Walvis Bay.

Sea and sand dunes.

I tried climbing a sand dune. It looks like a towering wall.

Footprints that went up while sinking shoes.

The main road is parallel to the coast. A side street to the sand dune in the center. The black dot there is a bicycle.

Look around the area from the top of the sand dunes.

It seems to be sucked into the ocean of sand which spreads everywhere.

Each of the huge sand dunes is made of grains of sand one by one.

I was caught by a momentous aunt traveling from Cape Town. Aunt who speaks with laughter "You have such a wonderful flower in both hands." Please forgive me.

Sand dunes are also near the restaurant on the side of the road.

All over the horizon lots of sand.

In Walvis Bay I caught a group of girls junior high school students caught up. It is a girl.

Run in inland from Walvis Bay and aim for Sesriem, the base for sightseeing in the Namib desert. I ran about 360 km from Swakopmund over 5 days. There is nothing where people live, there is nothing from the outskirts of Walvis Bay. The tourist car full of camping tools was running pretty well. Whether the bicycle traveler is interesting, a lot of pictures are taken. I will not refuse when asked "Can I take it?" I feel a little like being a hero because I am saddened.

This place is an unpaved sign. After going through the outskirts of Walvis Bay, the unpaved road began.

If the condition of the road surface is good you can get speed only on the paved road.

Dry meadow zone.

We carry food for several days. It is hard to not be able to supply, but that is fun with that.

A fox came in the middle of the tent. A wife's marriage! Is it?

I tried putting a tent in the wilderness.

Pass by a henteco rocky mountain.

A sunset glow over the day. The way the sun goes dyed red ... ...

The side opposite to the sun stains purple and gradually becomes darker.

A small tent on the prairie.

When entering the mountainous area, you can not pedal with deep sand and steep slope. I have to get out and press it at such times.

Capture the pass.

This is a mountainous area, but when you pass here you will be flat at the same altitude. It is mysterious.

It did not proceed much in the section with many ups and downs. The road on the right is the direction of travel!

A valley in a place that became a flat plateau, a river in the bottom. I felt the long walk of the scale where the water was originally scraped off the flat place, the scale of the big earth.

Toropic of Capricorn (Tropic of Cancer)Exceeded. It is very south from the equator.

Sesriem was a place where accommodation facilities for tourists were located, not ordinary towns where people live. This Sesriem will be the base for sightseeing the Namib Desert, which is said to be the oldest desert in the world. I also set up a tent here. From here there is a 60 km paved road to Sossusvlei (Sossasblay) in the back of the Namib Desert, but the last 5 km is unpaved and the sand is deep so you can not run unless it is 4 WD.

I leave early in the morning and run my bicycle to the back of the Namib desert.

It is 5 km to Sossusvlei (Sossasblay), from here it can not proceed unless it is 4 WD. There was a paid shuttle bus from the parking lot.

The road is a deep sandy lot.

And Sossusvlei (Sossasblay) which I reached was a sandy world.

The earth buried in the sand.

A yellow flower blooming in the desert.

The meaning of a dead pondDead Vlei (Dead Fly)I walked to the lowland.

The trees here are withered standing.

Since this withered trees are dry, they do not rot and they seem to have done this for 900 years.

Since a lot of footprints followed the sand dunes, I decided to go up.

The whole view becomes visible as you go up. Dead Vlei.

I went up to the point where the dead trees became a point.

The ridgeline is like a great wall.

On the other side of Dead Vlei there was a big pond with water.

I wanted to follow the ridgeline and climb to the top of the sand dunes over there, but my legs got scooped all the way ... ....

It feels okay to steal your foot with fluffy sand, but it is still scary as it seems to slip.

Here's the video here

The desert of Namibia spreading everywhere - YouTube

The sea of ​​sand spreading behind the ridgeline.

A scenery like a thrown to a different planet. I do not feel the water and the green earth here.

Wind gathered sand and became a huge sand dunes, winds pounded sand and the ground surface appeared. Every small sand grain makes such a big landscape.

I got off in a pond with water in the sand dunes. I hear the chirping of the little birds.

There were footprints of someone. I thought that it would be a fossil that such being buried in the sand.

Green and big sand dunes. There are trees that can live even in places with only sand.

Sesriem and Sossusvlei are 60 km each way and round trip is about 120 km. I tried my best and ran in the Namib Desert!

After sightseeing in Namibia, I will proceed to South Africa. Cape of Good Hope is right there.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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