Shoes named "outliers" named "abnormal value" where footprints of animals remain after walking

"There is no way in front of me, I can make a way behind me" is a famous passage in the journey, but tricky shoes that make Kemono way behind just a way are "Outliers(Abnormal value) ". The animal's foot type is attached to the back of the shoe, and walking around the town with Outliers suddenly the footprints of animals appear in the middle of the city.

Maskull Lasserre - Outliers
Maskull Lasserre - Outliers (Trace)

◆ Bigfoot

Footprints look like this.

◆ Deer

The hooves' traces are clear on the snow.

◆ Hare

◆ Brown bear

I can understand the shape of the nail properly.


◆ Oglegica

Beast's footprints on asphalt.

◆ reindeer


It is clear to the feeling of the pudding of the meat ball.

◆ Human (Hadaki)

◆ Human (Hadaki)

It will be frustrating when it is interrupted in the snow.

These shoes are interesting not only as a design, but it may be convenient to escape from the tracker's hand when escaping in the forest.

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