Water resistant, 10 consecutive shots per second · Full HD movie compatible, GPS · Optics with 5x zoom zoom "Cyber-shot DSC-TX300V" Photo Review

It has a CMOS sensor with about 18.2 million effective pixels and is capable of high-speed continuous shooting of about 10 images per second, enabling zooming equivalent to 10 times with digital zooming that is 5 times optically and has almost no image quality degradation due to super resolution technology. It also supports shooting a smooth full HD movie of 60 frames per second, adding the shooting location to the image data using GPS and taking advantage of low temperature resistance that can be used in waterproof / dustproof and minus 10 degrees environment It can also be used at ski resorts. Besides, it has the 3.3-inch OLED display equivalent to 1229,000 dots, and it is clear that it is also compatible with playback of images and movies, which boasts the strongest class performance as the current conditionDigital still camera Cyber-shot DSC-TX300V(Direct sales price including tax of 49,990 yen) ". I decided to purchase and check actually how much the ability of the "all entrance" model, which has pourged all of the technology of Sony, is exactly what it is.

◆ Photo review

The package is black.

When opening the box, first the "paper on waterproofing" paper comes out.

An inner box appeared from the bottom of the note.

Slide the part written "OPEN" to the right ... ....

Open with "Pakkatsu".

In addition to the main body, the contents include a rechargeable battery pack, an AC adapter, a micro USB cable, a wrist strap, a paint pen, a cleaning cloth, a multistation, various instruction manuals.

The camera body is large enough to fit in the palm of an adult male.

There is a power on / off switch and a shutter button at the top of the main unit.

A strap hole is attached to the side that becomes right when shooting.

As you can attach the included wrist strap like this, you do not have to worry about dropping the main body if you put it through the hands at the time of shooting.

Paint pen used for touch operation of rear display is included.

The paint pen can be attached to the strap, so worry of losing it will be less.

Since it has a tripod hole at the bottom, it is convenient for movie shooting.

On the left sideTechnique suitableAnd WiFi, there is a GPS mark.

When the power is off or when previewing the image, the front lens is covered with a cover.

As soon as the power is turned on, the cover opens "PASHI".

Looking at the camera with both hands is like this.

Zoom operation is performed with the index finger of the right hand.

The weight of the main body in the state where shooting is possible is about 132 g.

The combined weight of the main unit, AC adapter, micro USB cable, and multi-station is about 287 grams.

Approximately 220 batteries (approx. 110 minutes) are shipped with still pictures only, and movie shooting can be used for about 55 minutes. Although the recording media are Memory Stick Micro and microSDHC Memory Cards, they are not included in the accessories, so if you have not separately purchased the images, the images you recorded will be saved in approximately 105 MB of internal memory.

The rubber part is attached to the cover part.

◆ Setting for initial startup

First, select an area

Time setting

You can choose the screen design

Select GPS on / off

Simply put the main body on the multi station, you can send the data in the PC etc "TransferJetA description of the function will be displayed

Select "TransferJet" on or off

Set image quality

Explanation that the operation guide is mounted in the camera

Notes on underwater use are displayed. This is the first thing displayed when opening the package, so it is a little bit too much to be shown twice at the time of feeling "I want to use the camera quickly" although it is important.

The screen at the time of shooting is as follows and all operations such as mode switching and photographed image reproduction are performed by touch.

Multi-station used for charging and transferring images to PC is a chic black one color design.

Data can be exchanged and charged by connecting with PC with USB 2.0 cable.

To use "Transfar Jet", just put the camera body on the multi station that is connected to the PC OK.

In the following example, it is recognized as F drive.

Adapter for charging by connecting to a household outlet is included.

Since the insertion mouth can be folded, it will be prevented from being damaged when carrying around by being thrown into a bag or the like.

When charging begins, the following screen will be displayed for a while on the display on the back.

Charging is in progress when the lamp beside the power switch is orange.

When not energized, the lamp is not lit.

When taking a picture with one hand hold, it is like this.

When playing recorded pictures, you can switch between images by flicking with a paint pen or finger. In addition, it does not correspond to the operation of pinch-out pinch-in which enlarges / reduces by sliding two common fingers on a smartphone.

Continuous use is possible for about 60 minutes at a depth of 5 meters. I actually tried on water, but at this level there is no problem at all. In addition, since there are few moving parts, you can drop most of the water droplets just by swinging after raising from the water.

So, the "Cyber-shot DSC-TX 300 V" is an intriguing work by Sony, where many advanced attempts to distinguish it from other digital cameras are seen everywhere, so people who want functions such as waterproofing and GPS, It is also recommended for gadgets like geeks who feel attractive to the tactful specifications.

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