Movie of interactive art "Ice Angel" like angel's feather

When a person standing in front of the device moves his hand, an interactive art "Ice Angel" is created by Cinimod Studio, in which the feathers appear in the back part as if the angel's feathers grew as if that person grew up It was.

Ice Angel | Cinimod Studio Ltd

Ice Angel on Vimeo

A woman stood in front of the device.

If you raise your hands upwards, the feathers of light spread like it can be attached to it.

As feathers spread like fluffy as you lower your hands.

As you can see from the side it is a bit spaced from the device in this way.

This time men appear, the wings are pure black as if they are fallen angels.

It seems that the shape of the wing also changes according to the length of the arm, and when this woman spreads his hand, another type of feather appears again.

Just not only raising and lowering the hand, but also moving the wing according to it when posing.

It looks fun.

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