"Free Universal Construction Kit" which can connect various intellectual training blocks of several companies such as Lego and DuPro

In this worldLegoThere are various types of block toys, but the option which makes it possible to connect these blocks which are not compatible originally is "Free Universal Construction Kit"is. Since there are nine kinds of toys that are compatible, it is possible to combine by taking advantage of the characteristics of each toy.

Free Universal Construction Kit - a disruption aimed at the society / F.A.T. Lab (@ offfffat)

The Free Universal Construction Kit on Vimeo

Various intellectual training blocks are placed in the gymnasium

From there, such work is born by combining multiple types of blocks.

It seems to be fun.

The correspondence table is like thisDuplo,Fischer technique,K 'Nex,Krincles,Lego,Lincoln log,Tinker Toy,Zome tool,ZubIt corresponds to nine of. ,

Parts are made to connect two kinds of standards in this way

There is also a gear part that spreads how to play apart from that.

When connected, it looks something like this.

Here you can see the boy struggling.

A Lesson in Interoperability on Vimeo

A boy who wants to make a car.

His hands are K'Nex, Tinker Toy, and Zubu.

I am trying to connect somehow, but of course the connection is impossible because the standard is different as it is ... .... If you have a Free Universal Construction Kit in such a case, it is possible to connect with different standards as well.

With LegoDiamond blockI think that possibility seems to spread considerably only by being able to interconnect.

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