Dagger knife type USB memory "Eagle Dagger"

Eagle Dagger "which is a small dagger knife type USB memory designed with a design, there are two colors: silver (silver) and copper (copper). The price ranges from 1450 yen to 2300 yen.

Eagle Dagger USB Drive | Thumb Drives / Storage | USB Range | USBGeek

The front side looks like this.

The base side is the main body, the tip is a sheath type case.

The back side is twisted.

The size is like this.

Pull it out and plug it in, the design of the knife is a good fit USB memory.

As for the color as above, there are two kinds of silver and copper. Price varies depending on capacity, 4 GB is 18 dollars (about 1450 yen), 8 GB is 22 dollars (about 1770 yen), and 16 GB is 29 dollars (about 2330 yen).

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