MP3 player only looks like just a Lego block

It is an MP3 player that many people have touched and a familiar Lego block shape is exterior. The junction of the Lego block is an operation button, and it is completely just a LEGO block when seen from a distance. Currently, four colors of red, green, white and yellow are on sale.

Details are as below.HOMADE Lego MP3 Player (Red) [5003red]

The size is 24 x 3 cm and the weight is 400 g. MicroSD card can be used up to 2 GB, no built-in memory. About 6 hours of music can be played with full charge with lithium ion battery. Accessories are USB cables for connecting headphones, straps and personal computer. The price is 46 dollars (about 4900 yen).

HOMADE Lego Speaker (Blue) [lego_blue]

Here is a Lego type speaker to use with connecting with iPod. Since the battery is supplied from the connected iPod, you do not need a cable or battery. The price is $ 16.99 (about 1800 yen).

Other LEGO type products are from the following.

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