Rotating building "Migrant Skyscraper" which can move all the buildings together in emergency

Earthquakes, tsunamis, big fires, etc. have become a world where we can not predict when disasters will fall, but the possibility of new construction to survive such unstable times is "Migrant Skyscraper". Building self-sufficiency buildings with farmlands and farms on the inside of the tire is self-sufficient, and when an emergency occurs, it is an idea that each building can be moved to a safe place.

Migrant Skyscraper by Damian Przybyła & Rafał Przybyła »Yanko Design

The overall design drawing is from the following.

There is space to plant plants in the building and nurture livestock, so you can live on your own self-sufficiency inside the tire.

There is a bridge on the side, it is possible to move other tires side by side with each other.

The outer tire is made of recycled rubber. Because it is equipped with a bio engine, if you think "Here is dangerous", you can move all the buildings to a safe place. The inside of the tire is still stationary even while on the move.

With circulation system capable of purifying dirty water into two kinds for drinking water and for farmland. Also equipped with recycling type air conditioning.

Because the concept of this building is "that people gain freedom by self-sufficiency," all the necessary things in life can be covered inside the tires.

Kitchen, living room, terrace, shower, toilet and so on.

Several tires gathered around the corner, and then to one settlement ......

Since it can move to a safe place without going out of danger at the time of a disaster and can secure plenty of food, will it be quite helpful to realize it in the future?

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