The forefront base of the emergency disaster area, the future temporary housing "Self-supply of water and electricity" EDV - 01 "

When a disaster occurs, it is required that you go to the site as soon as possible, but since it is assumed that the lifeline is disconnected in the afflicted area, equipment that guarantees the minimum activity is also required I will.

The prototype of the emergency disaster relief unit equipped with equipment that can transport any means by any means and that can secure water and electricity enough to operate for about one month without external aid for support in such a severe emergency is Yamato Lease of"EDV-01"is.

It is quite different from the appearance of the prefabricated house which imagines from the keyword temporary housing, the outer wall of punching metal makes us feel the future. It is also possible to transform to 2 stories in the field and to secure twice the space.

Details of the equipment equipped with "EDV - 01" and movies that are cool because of Western - style style are from the following.EDV - 01 was born! [New product] "EDV - 01" special site as the forefront base of emergency disaster area - by Yamato Lease Co., Ltd.

This is an image diagram of "EDV - 01". By the way, "EDV" is "EMergencyDIsasterVEhicle (emergency disaster transportation means) ", 01 is the development number.

Daiwa Lease has a track record of supplying a number of emergency temporary housing at the time of a disaster in Japan and abroad in the history of its founding 51 years, and it seems that Yamato Lease has built a temporary housing number of 14,777 as of the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake . Based on such experiences, "EDV - 01" was developed as a front - line base that can be utilized at the forefront in emergency situations.

It is carried in this state during transport. As the container ISO standard is adopted, all means of transportation such as land, sea and sky can be used.

When the remote controller is operated after arriving at the installation site, the outer wall of the container rises and it transforms into a two-story mode in about 260 seconds. You can secure twice the activity space at the site.

The punching metal on the outer wall is not a decoration, but also functions to display the necessary information in the afflicted area.

Internal image in a state of two stories. We have everything we need, including washbasin space, workspace and bunk beds.

We installed solar panels totaling 2 kW on the rooftop and the wall, and we can secure the same amount of power generation as the average detached houses.

Fuel cell that functions as an aid in the event of insufficient electricity in solar power generation system. Using a chemical reaction opposite to the electrolysis of water, it generates electricity with hydrogen and oxygen in the air.

Solar power generation system, as well as electricity generated by fuel cell, are stored in lithium ion battery.

IH kitchen where you can cook using stored electricity.

No-feed water generator that collects water vapor in the air and produces water. Up to 20 liters of drinking water can be secured a day.

Apart from drinking water, it has a tank containing 800 liters of water so you can take a shower even during long stay. Will not it be safe to keep it clean even in a disaster area, even on feelings?

The toilet adopts a bio toilet that does not use water. Because it decomposes excretion into microorganisms, there is no bad smell. Although it is the price which is worrisome of "EDV - 01" equipped with just this facility, it was said that the price was not announced because there is no plan to sell in the prototype.

Bunk beds are arranged on the second floor part.

Workspace is on the opposite side of the bed. You can do the necessary work here.

Since equipped with communication satellite antenna, satellite phone and data communication are possible.

On the "EDV - 01" special page, you can see special movies in which the development history and functions of "EDV - 01" are gathered and a story that is cool by Western - style movies is inserted. If you are watching "EDV - 01" being transported or transforming into a two - story building, it seems that it is easy to imagine how it is actually being used, and that the days of practical use are close.

The full movie of the special movie can be seen from the link below.

Special Movie ~ Full Story | EDV-01 [Emergency Disaster Relief Unit] | Daiwa Lease Co., Ltd.

The real thing of "EDV - 01" is in Nara City, Nara PrefectureDaiwa House Integrated Technology LaboratoryIt will be opened for exhibition for half a year (visit is required in advance).

You can see the articles when you visited the real products at Daiwa House Research Institute from the link below.

"Ultimate Prefab" to be a rescue base in the event of a disaster, "EDV-01" that can be deformed by oneself has actually been seen ~ Appearance edition ~ - GIGAZINE

"Ultimate Prefab" to be a rescue base in the event of a disaster, "EDV-01" that can be deformed on its own - Inside edition - - GIGAZINE

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