PV animation released as "animated world" novel which was said to be impossible to imagine "New World"

The 29thJapan SF AwardsMr. Yusuke Kishi's Mr. Yusuke Kishi who was said to be impossible to imagine the winning work,From the New World"Is animated and it is scheduled to be broadcasted in 2012. The first PV video footage has been made public, as well as interviews with authors and animation staff have appeared.

TV Asahi | New World

From the New World PV 1 - YouTube

The stage is Japan after 1000 years

"A simile ideal place full of water and greenery"

Watanabe Hayatoshi role as the main characterRisa Toda

A close friend of the early age, Mari Akizuki in roleHanazawa Kana

Five people in the early season will face the truth of humanity at the end of the battle ... ....

The director served as a character design in the movie "Welcome to the Space Show" and "RO D - READ OR DIE -" "Dragon Crisis!"Masashi Ishihama.

The series composition is "FAIRY TAIL" "Queen of the Snow" "BLEACH"Seiji Hoshikawa

Animation production isA-1 Pictures

"Protect against lying God."

Although the broadcasting time is unknown, it is scheduled to be broadcast on TV Asahi, CS Tele Drama Channel in 2012. Comic calling with another boys magazine is also decided.

An original worker and a staff interview plan called "Prelude over the New World" is also being implemented. Interview with original author Yusuke Kishi and Masashi Ishihama in the first round.

Beyond the New World Prelude # 1 - YouTube

Interview with Mr. Seiji Toshikawa of the series composition in the second volume. I am listening to Ishihama 's director who talks about cast decision.

Beyond the New World Prelude # 2 - YouTube

And in the third round Kishi and Ishihama are talking.

From New World Prelude # 3 - YouTube

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