"Fate / EXTRA Last Encore" animation decision, animation production is responsible for the shaft

In the stage event "Fate Project 2016" held in AnimeJapan 2016, it was revealed that animation project of "Fate / EXTRA" will start.

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In the event, the game released the other day "Fate / EXTELLA (Xterra)"Was talked about with Mr. Tange Sakura of Nero Claudius and Kenichiro Tsukuda Producer. In the stage, PV that Tsukuda producer brought in, this show will be on sale for the first time was performed.

"Fate / EXTELLA" is a "high speed servant action" in charge of the scenario by Mr. Nasu Kinoko. At present, it is announced that Nero Claudius who plays Mr. Tange Sakura plays Altera which Mr. Noamoku Mamiko plays in front of Tamako playing Chiwa Saito, but since characters come out one after another, "Please enjoy" And that.

And in the latter half, "- the light enters that purgatory?" Video starts to flow, "Fate / Extra Last EncoreAnimation has been announced. It is said that the series composition is Nasu Kinoko, the animation production is in charge of the shaft, and broadcasting starts in 2017.

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The third project "Fate Project" is "Fate / Grand Order". Risa Taneda serving as Mash Killier Wright as guest and Nobuaki Shimazaki serving as Arjuna's role appeared and it was announced that "Fifth singular point North American mythical warfare Pluribus · Unamu" started delivery on March 30 It was.

Furthermore, the latest information announcement commemoration collaboration quest was delivered from the evening of 27th, and the limited dress of key visual design is available.

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Main staff information and PV 2nd bullet has been released. New director Akiyuki Shinobu who will serve as the director is "Lion of March", " series", "Magical girl Madoka ☆ Magica". Series director Yukihiro Miyamoto also served in the same position in "Maria † Hirari", "Arakawa Under the Bridge", "Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica".

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