Spring 2012 gift presentation "Please answer the questionnaire and bring it all"

There are many people who start in April and start a new life at school and work. So we will implement gifts planning products that may be useful for new life. I will release a lot of items I bought for in the editorial department from winter, so I am glad if you can apply for it.

This time, the new iPad, Amazon's shopping card 40,000 yen announced on March 8, Blu-ray Disc Box I (Fully / Limited Edition) of "Fate / Zero" · Cubic Talisman · VICTORINOX Swiss Army Knife Collaboration Model, Professional Camera Bag "Skyborne", Buddha Festival Rare Candy, Lighting Smartphone USB Cable, "Theo · Janssen's Mini · Rinoceros" appeared "Adult Science Magazine (Supplement)", winning coma war We made a total of 35 kinds, mainly the products reviewed at GIGAZINE, such as "SEIMITSU COMA" made by Yuki Shima who did it.

What kind of people are reading GIGAZINE? Although it also serves as a questionnaire, it is extremely appreciated that people who answered "even if you do not need a present but can cooperate with the questionnaire!" So, the application method of gifts planning and premium list etc. are from the following.

Application period
From April 2 (Monday) 00: 00 ~ April 15 (Sun) until 23: 59.

◆ Winner announced
Since the mail arrives at the email address at the time of entry from GIGAZINE editorial department to the winner after April 16 (Monday), it is ok if you can reply to the address of the shipping address in a form replying to the mail. Also, please be aware that the e-mail notification e-mail is treated as spam with high probability, and there are so many cases that it is delayed to notice that we have won the prize so much that it is messed up so please be careful. At least notice to the first prize winner arrives during the month of April 16 (Monday), after that the rights will be transferred to the second winner, the third winner ... ... successively unless the first winner reply It is a mechanism that moves. So, it is "after April 16 (Monday)".

◆ Gift list
Please enter the number as "1" or "2" in "Number of gift you want" on the application page. If gifts are unnecessary, please write "None".

◆ Present number "1": New 3rd generation announced on March 8 "IPadOne person
It is already opened for shooting.

Of the two colors white and black, this time white gifts. WiFi model, capacity is 64GB, height 241.2mm × width 185.7mm × 9.4 mm, weight is 662 g.

The back side looks like this.

◆ Gift number "2": Professional camera bag that can store 5 lens × 3 cameras"Skyborne 45" and "BALLHEAD ball head SBH-100"Set of 1 person
This is "Skyborne 45". It is the smallest size in the series, the outer dimensions are 340 (W) x 490 (D) x 340 (H) and the weight is about 2.32 km.

On the outermost side is a case for PC.

Taking out the case for the PC, there was a pocket on the inside for inserting pen and accessories.

Open the inner fastener and you can access the upper compartment. Since inside is made of cushioning material, it is safe to put the camera directly.

Lenses etc. can be put in the lower compartment.

I will have one ball head. Because it was used for review, the box has been opened.

◆ Gift number "3":"Skyborne 53" and "BALLHEAD ball head SBH-100"Set of 1 person
This is "Skyborne 53". The size is 390 (W) × 600 (H) × 440 (D).

Unlike "Skyborne 45" which accesses compartments from the inside, "Skyborne 53" can be fully opened from the outside.

Open the inner fastener and the case for PC.

I tried to remove the case for PC. There are also mini pockets for accessories and pen.

Here is one ball head.

◆ Gift number "4": Domino Pizza "STAR WARS Special Set" Special BOX (L2 and M 2), Poster (4) 1 person
Domino · PizzaThose obtained from. The campaign is going until June 2012.

There are 2 posters. This is STAR WARS episode 1 ver.

The other is a dozen mall ver. There is still something on the back, it's fun after it arrives.

◆ Gift number "5":"Desktop Robot Vacuum Cleaner" is an appendix "Adult Science Magazine vol.33"1 person
Because it was used for review, the "Desktop Robot Vacuum Cleaner" has been assembled. The case is slightly damaged, but there is no problem with the main body.

This is "Desktop Robot Vacuum Cleaner".

Magazines are featured in gears.

◆ Gift number "6": Plastic model that moves like a creature receiving the wind"Theo · Jansen's Mini · Rino Celos" appeared "Adult Science Magazine (separate volume)"1 person
It was already assembled because it was also used for review.

Mini · Rino Celos in appendix go forward by receiving wind from the front.

A magazine looks something like this.

Featuring the work "Strand Beast" by Teo · Jansen, an artist who became the source of Mini · Rino Celos in the appendix.

◆ Gift number "7":"Osugi Eikyu Fabre insect note"When"Planter & amp; Gioro"Set of 1 person
Fabre insects are here.

Planter & amp; Joro is, as its name suggests, Planter and Joro are united. The box looks something like this.

It is with mint seeds and cultivated soil.

◆ Gift number "8":Ryurou Co., Ltd.Magnifying lens for skin check"Beautecam"1 person

In this way, when you take a picture by attaching it to a camera lens of a smartphone ...

The state of the texture of the skin will become clearly visible.

hereWhen you download an application from "Beautecam" and take a picture, the iPhone or iPod touch changes to a skin checker quickly.

◆ Gift number "9": Sky dust accumulated in PC fans and heat sinks with wind power"Makita blower MUB 100"1 person

Cleaning of small places is also possible with the attached nozzle.

When not using the nozzle can be stored on the back side of the main body.

◆ Gift number "10":"Fate / Zero" cubic talisman (all seven types)1 person
Character of "Fate / Zero" in 2 centimeter of glass is a charm reproduced with ultra precise laser engraving. Sever, Archer, Berserker, Rider, Caster, Assassin, Rider all seven types. This is Saber.







It is about this size when compared with a cigarette case.

◆ Gift number "11":"Fate / Zero" Blu-ray Disc Box I1 person

A special booklet on which a dramatic interview of production staff is posted.

All five main volume discs are picture labels, and one servant is drawn one by one.

Bonus discs are also picture labels.

◆ Gift number "12":"" Fate / Zero "VICTORINOX white model FZvix 02"1 person
Blade of the knife, nail file, scissors are put in it.

The logo mark of "Fate / Zero" on the knife.

In addition, toothpicks and spines are stored.

◆ Gift number "13":"Fake story" VICTORINOX collaboration multi tool model "1 person
Scissors · Phillips screwdriver · Punched wire · Wire stripper · Key ring · Tweezers (tweezer) · Tweezepic is stored.

Phillips screwdriver has been subjected to "fake story" laser etching.

The back side looks like this.

A mystery motif bee and a moon fire motif bird are customized printed.

◆ Gift number "14": cushioning material for packing which styrofoam is cut out into four letters of L, O, V, E alphabet"COMPOW" × 41 person

Two of the four have been opened.

It's like this when you put all contents in and spread out.

◆ Gift number "15":"3D ○ × GAME"Three people
Because it was used for review, one of the boxes has been opened.

◆ Gift number "16": a light for a digital camera that strongly shines a subject with 56 LEDs"LUNATEMIS LED light 56 ​​lights"1 person
In addition to the main body, three filters are included. Amber from the front, purple, mat.

When I turn on the light, it looks like this.

◆ Gift number "17": Emergency food with an expiration date of 5 years"Koala's march biscuit ", Even in extreme situations this can survive, small waterproof light"E light"Set of 1 person
The koala's march biscuit is below.

The koala's march says that chocolate is contained in sweets, but chocolate is weak against temperature change and is not suitable for preservation, so it is not contained in this preservation can.

This is E light.

Storage cases are also included.

◆ Gift number "18":"ceiling light"4 types 1 person
Because it was used for review, everything has been opened. This is Doshisha "Luminous WY-CL 46"

Panasonic "EVERLEDS LGBZ 1150"

Twinbird Industry "CE-H783W"

Koizumi "BH 11703 C"

◆ Gift number "19": "GALAXY S II Astronaut Kun Charge Stand" for 1 person
SPACE BALLON PROJECToflotteryWon the prize. The box looks something like this.

It is not for sale.

I tried to have GALAXY S II.

The back side is properly able to plug the USB cable.

◆ Gift number "20":"Neck strap for easy adjustment of length for digital camera DGS-010 removable with graph gear" (Pink) "Easy adjustment for length Easy adjustment for digital camera Neck strap for graphic gear with detachable DGS-09" (Green)1 person
It is already opened as it is being used for review.

Both items can be adjusted in length by slider.

◆ Gift number "21":"Japanese arms"(M1 · L1) and"Canvas bench fold and store draining bowl"3 point set of 1 person
"Wagon weapon" has L size and M size.

Since the middle of the chopsticks is screw type, it can be disassembled.

After disassembly, the lower half can be stored in the upper stainless steel part.

You can carry it in the included case. Because the tip of chopsticks is stored, it is hygienic.

"Canvas bowl folding and storing draining bowl" is usually flat, but ......

Three-dimensional pushing the middle. Because it does not take space, it is convenient for storage.

◆ Gift number "22":"Monthly Animation Style No. 5","Disguise NOGGINZ","Durarara !! Diamond Block Doll Charms Shizuo Heiwajima (with road sign)","Aquarium Figure Collection (Salamander Eggs and Larvae / Color Mutation)"Set of 1 person
"Monthly Animation Style No. 5" is a present from the editorial staff. Kendo Yamanaka 's Nendoroid Petit is an appendix.

The Nendoroid in the appendix is ​​here.

"Durarara !! Diamond Block Doll Charms Shizuo Heiwajima (with road sign)"

"Aquarium Figures Collection (Giant salamander eggs and larvae / color variations)Kyoto AquariumIt is a souvenir who got interviewed.

"Disguise NOGGINZ"

When installed it is like this.

note:My ears got stuffyIt is not so small.

◆ Gift number "23": stretchy but not stuffy sock even though it is completely waterproof"Shinmid Length Socks"1 person
The size is M (for around 26.5 cm). Although it has been opened for review, we have bought two sets for shooting and actually wearing, this is just opened for shooting. So, there is no such thing as the athlete's foot do not get over, do not worry.

There is a logo of the seal skin company on one foot side.

I can not get wet with my legs even if I breathe water.

◆ Gift number "24": Headband that protects eyes from sweat from a large amount"Halo I - tie version"1 person
There are red, blue, pink and black in color.

◆ Gift number "25": about 25 grams square mouse that can also slide presentation"Cube"1 person
When opening the square box with the "Logicool" logo ... ...

There is a main body.

When we take out the main body, the character "Look inside".

Hold the knob and pull it up, there is a USB cable for charging and a special case.

The mouse body looks something like this.

Logic on the side "Logicool" logo.

Wireless receiver is also included. Even if it plugs into the USB terminal of a laptop PC, it is a size that almost does not protrude, so it is safe to carry it with it inserted.

◆ Gift number "26": Easy to connect two HDDs to PC with USB 3.0"The stand of the naked DJ"1 person

◆ Gift number "27": Gloves that can freely manipulate touch panels such as iPhone"Touch early Black M size" "touch GRIP Pesant Blue M size" "touch 2011 Triton Green M size"1 person
Because it is used for review, everything has been opened.

The color of the logo mark also differs depending on the product.

The slip on the inside of "touch GRIP" is a maple handle.

"Touch early" (left) is thin, "touch 2011" (right) is made slightly thicker than that.

◆ Gift number "28":"Glowing smartphone USB cable DWA 065 WL"1 person

It glows blue in the dark.

◆ Gift number "29": Seal USB port to lower the risk of information leakage and password cracking"Sealed connector cover for USB A female" × 2 bags1 person
Because it is used for review, one is opened and used.

Ten pieces per bag. One out of ten scratches a little when reviewing, but there is no problem in using it.

The way you actually use it is below.

◆ Gift number "30":Boston FestivalCandy × 5 per person

The souvenir of the Buddha Festival is an luck of Chikara prayer. The expiration date is March 2013.

◆ Gift number "31":"Pocket waterproof memo" × 5 volumes "POWER TANK" × 2Set of 1 person
Five pocket waterproof memos. Due to the use in the review, few notes on memo paper are decreasing.

POWER TANK is red and black one each.

◆ Gift number "32": Frames that can be rotated at high speed quietly for more than 3 minutes,"SEIMITSU COMA"1 person

Looking from the side like this.

◆ Gift number "33": "MS - 06 Zaku TofuOne person

The contents were delicious at the editorial department.

"Heat · Hawk · spoon" which was bundled with quantity limit is like this. It is unopened.

◆ Gift number "34": "Hydro 5 power select"× 1," Hydro 5 Defense "× 1," Hydro 5 "× 6 1 person
There are a total of 8, so it may be good to distribute it to friends and acquaintances.

From the left, "Hydro 5 Power Select" "Hydro 5 Defense" "Hydro 5".

◆ Gift number "35":AmazonShopping card 40000 yen (3000 yen × 5 pieces 5000 yen × 5 pieces) 1 person

GIGAZINE.NET gift application form
※ The deadline. Thank you for many applications

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