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from today"Fate / Zero" Cubic TalismanThe reservation of the room has started. It has been reproduced characters with ultra precise laser engraving in a small crystal glass of about 2 cm, and it is one set of 1575 yen including tax, totaling seven types.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

"Arigatou rabbit" that appeared in AC's CM powered up to "Great Thank you rabbit" - GIGAZINE

The time when weight loss is most likely to attract the temptation of a snack is 3:23 pm - GIGAZINE

It turned out that overseas official anime distributors diverted illegally pirated fan creation subtitles as they were - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: 【With image】 I bought a thin book of the Imperial family - livedoor blog

I was able to rank the ranking of bowls too - ー ー \ (^ o ^) /: my sister VIPPER

S beef bowl with Eel Bowl Seafood bowl

A How much rice bowl of rice bowl cutlet on rice dish

------ Wall loved by all people ------

B Pork Bowls Tambour BBQ Rice Bowl Bowls Majimu Boniton Yakitori Rice Cupcrate Chicken Bowl

C Oyako-rice bowl with curry bowl Fukagawa don bowl of fried rice bowl Shirasu bowl

------ even the cognitive dangerous base ------

D Yamaokake Ryu Tianjin Don bowl Chinese bowl Nori bowl Norma bowl of fried eggs

※ The higher the evaluation goes to the left

Well I think there is no objection

If the game maker bought the naming rights of zero hit judgment zero city

When purchased by KOEI TECMO: Luoyang
Shibusawa Kou will do its best, but since the Allied troops led by Toru Hashida surround the capital, Shibusawa Kou will fire the city and retreat to Wakayama.

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: Misawa painting in hell at a low price! - Livedoor blog

Tokyo is too stylish guy wwwwwwww: My sister is VIPPER

If you make Kyoto angry, you mean that you are going to be in a huge Eight Bridge? : VIP Led Zeppelin

Please push your hands! It is! | Rabbit bulletin

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: 【With image】 Leopalace Damn too Walloenai ... - Livedoor blog

Lock On "It seems to introduce Siri to the control support of Gundam" Setsuna "!" - Golden Times

1: Below, VIP will send it as nameless instead: 2012/03/18 (Sunday) 11: 06: 24.81 ID: q + XxplGg0
Setsuna (Is it the day when I can finally talk to Excia ... ...) Doki Doki

Setsuna: "Nice to meet you, Setsuna · F · Seiya ... ... No, it's unnatural for the first time"

Sotsuna "It's my first time to speak directly.Thank you in future, Exxia" Doki Doki

Setsuna "............" Doki Doki

Setsuna (ヲ ヲ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
[Japan version] Boston · Dynamics to develop military humanoid robot - WSJ Japan version - www.WSJ.com

Analysis of chimpanzees such as Kyoto University for bipedal walking because of food ingestion: Kyoto Shimbun

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Tokyo Newspaper: Sato's Prohibited Prohibition on Proprietary Patent Infringement Lawsuit Intellectual Property High Court: Society (TOKYO Web)
Prohibition of manufacturing and reparation of about 800 million yen, further disposal of manufacturing equipment.

"The Activism · Campaign by the Greatest Movie Videos in the History, What You Will Learn from" KONY 2012 "| Social Business Forefront | Contemporary Business [Kodansha]

If I invested 1 million yen 5 years ago ...: Agora - Livedoor blog

As financial professionals and prominent economic commentators have invested 1 million yen 5 years ago, let's examine what was going on now.

[There is an image] Is there any explosive event in Toyota City?

A Salon (press blog) _ Net now ++ / Hiramusu Hi _ Wikipedia backing

I tried to confirm this point in order to introduce Shuichi in "Net information utilization technique", but Wikipedia does not show the source. Since there is no rash on the net, I pulled out the "Asahi Shimbun History Meiji edition" in the company's archive, read the circumstances of the creation of "Tengoku Human" and said that the nominee is Nishimura Tenchin of Osaka Asahi Confirmed the description. Originally "Tenshin Human" started in Osaka, and the Chumonori is a reporter in Tokyo.

【Thank you Kan】 The person who was present that TEPCO was going to abandon Fukushima nuclear power plant testimony: Kini speed

Wi-Fi Keio Group 5 companies on route bus, sequential from 28th: ​​Nihon Keizai Shimbun

【Furusato newsletter】 "One-yen train" Going home, locomotive of Mingen mine - MSN Sankei News

Fukushima Prefecture "Actually I got SPEEDI forecast data right after a nuclear accident, but I deleted it because the data capacity was big (∀` * ゞ) Te-ha | News 2

TOICA · manaca mutual use memorial TOICA launch - News release - JR Tokai Central Japan Railway Company

【Nagasaki stalker murder】 Police, no damage receipt received "Wait a week", "Other cases prioritized" person in charge to travel on 3 nights, 2 nights - ('A `) <

Asahi Shimbun Digital: Meat shipment 1 cm thick - Mytown Toyama

The Yamatoya shop (Itabashi-ku, Tokyo), the meat wholesaler, for a group food poisoning case of the roast meat chain "Yakiniku Sake Branch (Saka and Ebisu)", is thin enough to practically trim some of Ebisu's stores We shipped the meat "rolled" and shipped, it turned out that it was circulated for Yukke.

According to a report presented by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare research group on 19th, it was cited as a cause of food poisoning incident. According to the report, etc. unopened meat etc. left in Ebisu's "Yokohama Kamakane shop" (Yokohama city) is in a state where thin meat of about 1 cm thick is wrapped in a roll and wrapped It was. From this unopened meat, intestinal hemorrhagic E. coli O (o) 111, which genotype is the same as that detected from the patient, which caused food poisoning, has been detected.

Escherichia coli adhering to the surface of the meat may have prevented food poisoning if trimming to scrape the surface in accordance with the standard even under the hygiene standard of the time, but if it is 1 cm thick it is extremely trimmed It is difficult. In this case, it is known that trimming was not done at Yamatoya stage even at the stage of each "Ebisu" shop for Yukke for the raw food that caused the cause.

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Continue to be deceived as "good slaughter" for one or two years of joining the company. So, you can betray only once at the end. Popular blogger Fujisawa Masanori Interviewer: Vice President of LifeNet Life Insurance Vice President Iwase Daisuke | Dialogue: Textbook for the first year of joining | Diamond Online

Removing cars by young people, leaving alcohol, getting out of dining away, traveling away, getting married ... Young man "I do not have money" sticky .com

11: Anonymous @ 12th anniversary: ​​2012/03/21 (Wed) 20: 08: 48.73 ID: MixUTlju 0
× apart from youth
○ The end of Osan culture

"What is your daughter thinking about?" "Junior high school girlfriend's roundtable discussion meeting" | Weekly diamond this week | Highlights of diamond · online

I thus overcame alcohol dependence - WSJ Japan version - www.WSJ.com

"No cooling for children" Mayor Tokorozu declined the assistance

When I was hospitalized in the United States, I no longer wanted to go to a Japanese hospital. - Foreign Farewell Diary

It is a trivial thing but I was impressed that the hospital side prepared a set of hospital goods and paid it. As well as hospital gowns, as well as plastic washing tubs are handed over, toothpaste and toothbrush, listerine-like mouthwash, soap, a compact tissue box, and face and body can be washed without using water Spray, baby milk, slippers Loose instead of warm socks (with rubber sliding doors on the sole of the feet) were included. Everything was a product of a company I have never heard of in a low price version, but it will be saved because I can not do anything to buy it. Besides, I lent a couple of large size bath towels that could be used as a bath towel. It's stressful just to get hospitalized, but you have to buy things variously, but it's a bit psychologically burdensome for the patient who is not accompanied, as well as for the accompanying family.

Life Owata's breaking news: FX For the first time, I came to hit eight people around me and my parents fought a fight

Takashi Uesugi, a forged article in Fuji Evening? It is! - Togetter

SYNODOS JOURNAL: The retention system is efficient and effective? Katsuta Hatakeyama

Japan has adopted an automatic advancement system, but Toru Hashigashita Mayor Osaka recommended the introduction of a retirement age system for children with low academic ability in Osaka, it became a spotlight that the retention system enters the limelight . However, from the perspective of the discussion being held in various places since the recommendation, there seems to be a lot of subjective discussions based on own experience and sensation. Therefore, this time, I will consider the cost and achievement for introducing the retirement age system for low scholastic children, and I would like to propose effective and efficient educational policy which is substitutable to the retirement system.

Doggie breakfast! : You do not have a ruler to accurately measure the value of human beings above academic background

W To what extent does the commuter train turn into a lawless zone? W: Junko Tanaka's "Adult Learning" support corps! : ITmedia Alternative · Blog

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Public protest against excessive MNP incentives of Japan Telecom and mobile carriers | Nippon Telecommunications Co., Ltd.

Mobile operators paid cash back of about 30,000 yen to 70,000 yen per line in cooperation with career shops and others in response to transfer by MNP (mobile phone number portability) as business competition intensifies I will. Meanwhile, we have established a SIM service with voice that does not have a minimum usage period.

However, by utilizing this situation, we apply for our SIM without the minimum period of use, move to mobile carrier with MNP immediately afterwards, and immediately cancel it by cashing out tens of thousands of yen cash per line It can be put in.

Lenovo, PC production transferred from China to Japan: "Made in Japan" regression movement: SIer blog

15: Business cards are out of date: 2012/03/21 (Wednesday) 02: 30: 01.00 ID: QUlmXBVG
It's Assembled in Japan.

Guess why the number of Ameblo's accesses are being padded to the jabjob without permission | More Access, More Fun!

Geek's page: The background of Blogger's URL has changed

Sony Japan | Industry's first "IPELA ENGINE" to realize a wide dynamic range of 130 dB in full HD developed
A high-quality network camera can be realized.

Analytics Japan version official blog: Grab the value of social media with Google Analytics

It is exactly why we released a new social analysis in Google Analytics. The new social analysis report will bridge the gap between social media indicators and key business indicators. From these reports, you can better measure the business value of social channels.
The following three points are supported this time.

· Evaluate the value of the entire social traffic and measure the conversion value in both last and assistance
· Know the social activities of both site visits and outgoing activities, optimize engagement with users, and lead to social KPI improvement
· It is possible to efficiently judge marketing activities on social media, mainly on data

[Book Review] How to accelerate WordPress is described as "Bitryly" "Accelerated & amp; Smart Operation Necessary Guide" - Kachibito .net

Blog Market - Livedoor Blog

I selected the popular "2channel summary blog" among the livedoor Blog carefully and made it into an application. Because you can read the popular blog at anytime quickly with smartphone, it is best for commuting, when going to school, going out. Of course you can download it for free.

Geek's page: Digital native after 20 years

The 3D view of Firefox new feature is somewhat amazing | Basharog.

"Where would you go when the library is gone?" Large challenge of small library (article introduction) | Current awareness portal

The video introduces the significance of the library, such as "I can meet new people", "Learn the history of the region", etc. by keywords, and more than 200 thousand dollars gathered in the donation site in 3 weeks from the movie release It seems.

Wanna lurking in the high-speed communication capability of the new iPad - WSJ Japan version - www.WSJ.com

Among users of Apple's new tablet terminal "New iPad (iPad)", simply watching a video for a couple of hours through a high-speed communication network has exhausted the monthly traffic of the contracted data plan There are people who knew that there is a possibility.

GREE CO., LTD. | News Release | Press Release 2012 | Comprehensive Business Alliance with Gory and Dentsu, Global Expansion

As the first part of the tie-up, Dentsu will be promoting "GREE" in various countries around the world. We will use Dentsu's powerful global network and abundant know-how in marketing to strengthen our membership base in various countries around the world and to increase cognition. We also plan to utilize entertainment content around the world to appeal the attractiveness of "GREE" to more diverse audiences all over the world.

MobileHackerz restart diary: Do not get confused by "DL 1 year limit"! Kinoppy is currently the strongest cloud ebook.

Dot installation is "unnecessary registration and unlimited viewing of all the videos! "#dotinstall | IDEA * IDEA

Mixi, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin February 2012 Latest Nielsen survey in the looop Toru Saito

Looking at the number of visitors, Facebook increased to 1.351 million (104% of the previous month). Twitter slightly decreased by 13.42 million (99% compared with the previous month). Mixi fell to 6,840,000 people (85% compared with the previous month) greatly.

TV · PC price break "Bottomless" 1 inch or less 1000 yen or less, sold notes half price ... (1 / 2page) - SankeiBiz (Sankei Biz)

President of 2 million download applications tells "Is not Android really profitable?"

Chrome is the first leader, using browsers per day = survey | Reuters

[Video Report] The power of the Sony New Handycam "Spatial Optical Image Stabilization" tried by Bungee Jump (1/2) - Phile-web

Web service, first publicity - Yuisenshi diary

It is a lonely place to have users use the Web services when they are supposed to use it. Let's advertise to let many people know about Web services. In this time, consider the range that the creator who created the service can do alone and introduce my way of early promotion using the following three means.

Press release
Introduction by own blog
Diffusion on Twitter, attention in the Hatena bookmark

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
"Exposed paradise - Expired From Paradaise-" Original Cinema Project

Spring 2012 new animation announcement! - Nico Nico Channel
"Hello!" "Axel World" "Shibuyaku-san" "Shining · Hearts ~ Happy Bread ~" "Crawling Dynamite Nyaruko-san" "Scarlet Scrap" "Fate / Zero 2nd Season" Nine works of "Pretty Rhythm Diamai Future" and "Loose Me 3".

Nico Nico Still Spring Anime End Card Festival
"Shinning Hearts", "Shining Hearts ~ Happy Bread", "Creepy Dynamics Nyaruko-san" and "Loose When It's 3" are looking for illustrations of end cards.

"Inu x Boku SS" on Twitter Rina Hidaka & Yuichi Nakamura & Tomokazu Sugita are doing "Inu wagakko" www: Moe Ota news bulletin

Mini 4WD 30th anniversary project opening!

Resurrection after 13 years. "Mini 4WD · Japan Cup 2012" held this summer.

Tohoku Support Character "Tohoku Genko" is decided to be VOICEROID! "Sato Sato" is in charge of the voice! It is! It is! - moeyo.com

[Preservation version] Google Chrome shortcut key list which should absolutely be remembered for Windows users | Free software lab. Com

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Tomohiro Machiyama's theory of Takeshi Kitano (Beat Takeshi) - Tomohiro Machiyama living in the Bay Area American diary

Disney: Discovery of $ 200 Million Deficit at "John Carter" - Bloomberg

Wanted members for Nagoya hospitality battalion corps
We are looking for Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi for the second generation.

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Convert all Tokyu Line Station Shops to LAWSON | News Release | Corporate Information | Lawson

Since November 2005, Lawson and Tokyu Corporation have jointly developed "station-type convenience store stores" and have already deployed 12 stores within the station premises along the Tokyu Line and around the station. From now, we plan to switch from the Tama Plaza store that opens at the end of this month in order.

Lifetime \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: 【Mac】 Teratama Revived for the first time in 2 years ━━━━ (゜ ∀ ゜) ━━━━ !! - Livedoor blog

Boston First Open Service Memorial! JAL and missed collaboration on-board meals appeared - News Walker

JAL, in commemoration of the Boston line that will be newly launched on Sunday, April 22, jointly developed "AIR MISDO" with Mr. Donut. It is limited to Boston Line Economy Class from Narita, offering from April 22 (Sun) until the end of June.

This AIR series mainly provides economy classes on the West and the West, as the second meal before arrival at the destination, offers a genuine article oriented, innovative rich article. This "AIR MISDO" will be limited to the Boston line, which will be the first service as a direct flight from Asia, but also from Asia, but Mister Donuts is born in Boston in 1955, It became a collaboration.

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