GREE prevailed and DeNA's "fishing getaway 2" delivery suspension ceased and compensation for damages of 234.6 million yen was obtained, GREE representative's comment is given

With regard to the case that Glee had filed a "copyright infringement injunction claims lawsuit" in Tokyo District Court as a defendant on December 25, 2009 and ORSO,Payment of 234.6 million yen as compensation for damages and injunction of delivery action of "fishing getaway 2"In short, a ruling was ordered to stop delivery.

GREE CO., LTD. | News Release | Press Release 2012 | Notice on Judgment of Lawsuit

Regarding this ruling, Mr. Yoshikazu Tanaka, GREE CEO, commented as follows.

"The Tokyo District Court ruled that December 2004 and the like issued a declaration to distribute damages for" fishing getaway 2 "and compensation for damages, and illegality of intellectual property infringement acts by DN Inc. was recognized The Glee Group regards intellectual property rights as one of the important management resources, and in the event that it is determined that the intellectual property rights of the Glee Group has been infringed in the future, legal compliance I am willing to take a resolute attitude, including taking over. "

Incidentally,MobaGee's DeNA decides to sue Glee at trialdoing.

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