Professional-looking WordPress theme collection for free use

WordPressIf you want to use it somewhat fancy good, especially if you want to use it in business, you have to be in design and theme. It is obvious that there are many good designs if it is charged, but professional themes are distributed even free of charge.

1:Journic Wordpress Theme

The top is colored as if painted, but the lower one is a simple 2 column type. In the right column there is a space for 125 x 125 banners from the beginning.


In the 3 column formula, in the sample, a vivid blue is placed on the background of menus and headings.

3:ProPhone Free Wordpress Theme | ThemePix

Design that seems to be usable when you want to show articles one by one

Four:Danko Free Charity WordPress Theme

Since it is a theme for charity, if you scroll down a little, a donation button will also appear.

Five:Diary / Notebook | Free Premium Wordpress Theme by Site 5

With a design like a ring type notebook, if you turn on a diary it might be perfect.

6:Arnica Free WordPress Theme

The type in which images first jump into eyes. There are 8 custom widgets, and Favicon and logo can be easily changed.

7:Sintea Free WordPress Theme

Two column design with type of menu on the left and main on the right. It is also designed to accept 125 x 125 banners, widgets and SEO optimization are also available.

8:Actiniumize WordPress Theme - Padd Solutions

The parts are arranged in order from top to bottom, and the boundary line is jagged. Types that you often see on overseas product introduction pages.

9:Meta-Morphosis | WooThemes

Designed for blogs with a large amount of characters anyway that they are two columns and articles are arranged side by side.

Ten:Respo Theme | Themnific | Most useful WordPress themes!

It is a simple 2 column type, and it seems to be troubling how to use it.

11:Video Free WordPress Theme | New WordPress Templates

Anyway, when you want to put a movie, embed YouTube etc. on a bang, it is kore. The name is also "Video" straight.

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