Evolution version Chihiro no Ring "Cast Puzzle" review that can not be removed first by force technique

Hanayama's "Hanayama" which was reproduced by casting puzzles awarded with old-world east-west masterpieces and design competitions with zinc alloyCast Puzzle "In addition to the uniqueness of the shape as well as the wire of the wisdom ring made of wire, unlike the author's intended solution method because it has strength enough to bend and unwind with the power it can not be removed first "evolution A version of the product feels like "Version Wisdom Bear".

As I checked it on the net I found a lot of strange things that I could not find any idea as to how to solve it simply by looking at pictures such as a donut shape or a puzzle where the ball is caught in a square plate, I decided to try out how to actually buy it and how difficult it is.

Incidentally,In this article, we do not spoil such as "solution", but it contains content that might be a hint of how to solve part.People who think "I want to completely solve a puzzle on my own, please be careful with browsing.

There are 54 kinds of cast puzzles which are currently being released from Hanayama in all, but this time purchase 45 items at Amazon by selecting designs and movements that seem interesting. It arrived in a cardboard box with a familiar logo.

Puzzles are packed with such feeling when opening the box.

Volume enough to think that it is not likely to play for the rest of your life as you stack up.

If you sort everything you purchase it will look like this.

As expected it is solving all this and returning ... ... so it takes too much time so we abandoned it, carefully selected to 10 pieces.Hanayama's siteThe thing which entered the best 3 by the popularity vote which is done in, and the thing which the appearance is interesting and the degree of difficulty is so high is selected by the editorial department below.

By the way, when opening the box, there was a statement that the inner pig has not put in an answer chart to "enjoy puzzle solving" pleasure "and" suffering "enough. It is quite comfortable to taste "suffering" enough.

First of all, popularity vote number 3 "CAST ELK(1029 yen including tax) ". It is a reprinted version of the design that shaped the moose of a moose which appeared in the puzzle boom that happened in England at the end of the 19th century.

The movie that summed up in about 45 seconds to see how it actually moves is below.

3D puzzle "CAST ELK" review - YouTube

It will be caught delicately even in clear spaces that seem to pass at first glance and can not be pulled out unless you select the correct angle and procedure.

When it goes off, it feels like this.

Next is the 2nd place popularity vote "CAST QUARTET(1029 yen including tax) ".
The total number of parts is four, but it looks like a pair as it looks like a pair because it is paired.

You can not see it in the movie below as you can not remove it, but you can not return it to its original form or just struggle.

3D puzzle "CAST QUARTET" review - YouTube

If you move it properly it becomes tangled and you can not move.

Finally it will split into four rectangular boxes properly if you break it apart.

Popularity vote 1st place is "CAST MARBLE(1020 yen including tax) ". It has a sphere that rotates in the center, and when it removes a frame that holds it, it is divided into four parts.

The movie which understands how the sphere in the middle moves with what it is is below.

3D puzzle "CAST MARBLE" review - YouTube

Looking closely, there is a break in the inner sphere, so this part seems to be a hint of how to solve ... ....

next"CAST COIL(1029 yen including tax) ". Even if it is seen, it is a square iron mass ... .... I have no idea how it goes. By the way, the origin of the name "coil" is because parts are rolling round and round.

I can not move any part at all, so please use the following movie to see how neither hands nor legs go out even if you use the bad rule.

3D puzzle "CAST COIL" review - YouTube

It is strange that you can split into two with Suli just by shifting the engagement of a small part.

When it goes off, it feels like this. If this happens, the original shape can not be imagined.

It's a screw type that I can not think of as a puzzleCAST NUTCASE(1029 yen including tax) ".

Rather than being playing with puzzles, I can check the play movie which seems to only turn as if turning a screw down.

3D puzzle "CAST NUTCASE" review - YouTube

There were small screws inside. The true identity of shaking the main body and making the sound and the sound is a kore.

Next is a smooth design that seems to have almost no seams is excellent "CAST DONUTS(1029 yen including tax) ".

Where you are actually moving is in the movie below.

3D puzzle "CAST DONUTS" review - YouTube

There is a slight break when I see the wheel from the side.

Eventually it will be divided into 4 parts.

Here is a unique shape whose shuriken is stuck in a boxCAST O'GEAR(1029 yen including tax) ". It is a strange design that makes it unusual to be the prize-winning work of the first "puzzle design competition" held in the Netherlands in 2001.

The tricky action of shuriken type parts moving subtlely connected with box-shaped parts can be seen in the following movies.

3D puzzle 'CAST O'GEAR' review - YouTube

The tip part shaped like an arrowhead can be rotated in a box.

After coming out, it is like this.

A star-shaped part entered into a case like a lantern lantern "CAST CAGE(1029 yen including tax) ". It is based on the puzzle made of brass that Mr. NOB Ashigahara of puzzle collector and designer saw in Prague.

Please check the movie below to see the golden star parts inside can be taken and can not be taken.

3D puzzle "CAST CAGE" review - YouTube

If you move the star-shaped interior parts with Kurukuri according to the shape of the tear-off mouth, you can gradually go outside.

Out of place.

At first glance it seems to be a shape close to the ring of wisdom of the wire, but the high difficulty degree where the three parts are combinedCAST ENIGMA(1029 yen including tax) ".

Please see the movie below to see how it is being maddened by complicated strange shapes.

3D puzzle "CAST ENIGMA" review - YouTube

I can not move as long as I jumped out as I think it is jammed, so I can not get tangled up.

Finally I was able to remove one side.

If you remove it properly it will be divided into three parts.

I have to do tricky removal method that I can not tell the end that I can say that puzzle any longer "CAST NEWS(1029 yen including tax) ".

Although I can not move anything, I am just moving kurukuru, but that itself expresses the difficulty of this puzzle straight.

3D puzzle 'CAST NEWS' review - YouTube

Even if viewed from the side it is the same. I can not move anything to despair.

But for a moment when you get out. The hint is to move the parts with a way that is not "how to convey ordinary power".

The casting puzzle that you removed is the iron rule to return it to its original shape. It seems easy because it only performs the disassembly procedure in the reverse direction, but since it can not be simple, it also has a challenge.

You can use it as a part of the interior of the room when you want a little refreshing and head gymnastics, so please refer to this article and find a gimmick or design cast puzzle you like and challenge it.

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