Modules like tiles joined together and merged into a smartphone or tablet

The concept design that the power supply and the processor are built in each module and can be used as a smartphone or a tablet by connecting the modules to each other "Mobikoma"is.

Mobikoma Concept Phone & Tablet by Kamil Izrailov »Yanko Design

Small module rolling and rolling

This module can be connected like a tile

It became a smartphone

It is not impossible to operate with just two. At this time, the size is 22 mm × 44 mm × 6 mm.

It can also be a tablet by concatenating many modules. It seems to be possible up to 2 m × 1.5 m.

The back side looks like this.

It seems like it can also be used for a design with the middle cut out like this

If the connection is not smooth, the boundary line becomes conspicuous, so after all mind the small area may be the easiest to use ... ....

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