Test flight movie of "Human Birdwings" that fly with wings fluttering manually

The wish of "I want to fly the sky with my own power" can be experienced in a pseudo manner with hang gliders and the like, but in order to make the wish to flapping feathers like a bird more and fly, the half wing wings Was developed and its test flight took place on this Sunday.

Human Birdwings | Building a semi human powered flying device

First test with wings! | Human Birdwings

First test with the Wings | My Flying Dream part 13 - YouTube

The production of the wing is completed, only the actual wearing and flying.

Last checking ......

Is it like touching the hang glider as it is on the body?

By the time it is finally flying, I am slightly nervous.

Memorial shoot.

Disassemble once and move to the park where the flight test is done.


And dash! Will the wings flutter, can you fly?

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