Five celebrities who became millionaires after leaving school


If you say "drop out of school", you think as "whether it is economically difficult or not," "I wonder if my family is tough", but I think people who have dared to billionaire without doing it There are many. For example, Richard Branson who dropped out of school at the age of 16 is now the chairman of the Virgin Group, which has group companies around the world, with assets of 500 billion yen.

5 Famous Billionaire Dropouts - Careers Articles

1:Richard BransonAssets: $ 6.8 billion (about 529.7 billion yen)

ByRichard Burdett

He is the chairman of the Virgin group who bundles record companies, airlines, mobile phone companies, etc. In 2010 he acquired the F1 team,To the chef flight attendants one day as the lowest penalty gameSir Richard Branson dropped out of school at the age of 16 and founded a record mailing company (later virgin record) at the age of 16. Now he has over 200 companies in 30 countries.

2:Carl Lindner Jr.Assets: $ 1.7 billion (about 132.4 billion yen)

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Carl Lindner Jr. who died on October 17 this year was a rich man who could be said to be one of the wealthiest people in the world. He dropped out of school at the age of 14 in order to help milk delivery in the family business. By Lindner's hand, this family business expanded as a convenience store chain. We also operated an investment company, and in 1984 we sold tropical fruitsChiquita · Brand · International (United · fruit)And served as CEO until 2001. It is a local club of CincinnatiCincinnati RedsIt is also famous as the owner.

3:Francois PinotAssets: $ 8.7 billion (about 677.7 billion yen)

The popular brands Gucci, Christie's auctioneer, Samsonite known for travel bags, Puma who is producing sporting goods and sportswear, etc, owned these brands worldwide known as "France It is François Pinot that he is rich third. This Pinoh also dropped out of school to help the father's sawmill at the age of 11.

Four:Kirk KerkorianAssets: $ 3.1 billion (about 241.5 billion yen)

"Father of Mega Resort" Kirk Kor Korean is the CEO of the investment company and is also the creator of Las Vegas. He is a millionaires who is also listed in the world's longest number, but he has dropped out of school to drive in boxing.

Five:Amancio OrtegaAssets: $ 31 billion (approximately 2,441 billion yen)

Ortega is a founder of the Inditex Company known for its brands such as ZARA and Massimo Dutti (Massimo Dutti). I went to school to 14 years old to make a small shirt store chore. In 1972, at the age of 36 founded a company to make bathrobes, and in 1975 it opened the first store of ZARA. There was almost none to appear on the table himself, I did not receive any interviews and only one photo was on the site of Inditex, so when I showed up in the public place in 2000 the Spanish economic newspaper was big I handled it. According to Forbes, it is the richest man in Spain, the second richest man in Europe.

The hardship of the part from dropping out until putting the project on track should have been far from graduating from the school. It is hard to manage their money easily.

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