Donald's uncle Scrooge, the world's number one millionaire announced the Forbes' billionaires numbering of the fiction world


AnnualWorld longest ranking numberAlthough it is a famous American economic magazine "Forbes", since 2005, it seems to announce that "Fiction version world chief priest number" which assessed assets of fiction world chiefs every year and ranked 15th place. Although the imaginary long-runers, however, the total asset value is strictly and thoroughly done as well as the asset value evaluation of the real world long-runers by prestige of prestigious economic magazines, and interest rates, crude oil price, gold price As the real estate market and stock market trends, etc., the character assets of each character increase and decrease each year, ranking also fluctuates.

In the ranking of the 2011 edition released the other day, Donald Duck 's stingy uncle and a short film "Mickey's Christmas CarolFamous forScrooge · McDuckWas estimated at 1st place with an estimated total asset value of 44.1 billion dollars (about 3 trillion 754 billion yen).

The ranking of the top 15 millionaires of the fiction world with all so-so-called faces is from the following.The Forbes Fictional 15

Scrooge · McDuck's estimated total asset value of 44.1 billion dollars (about 3 trillion 754 billion yen) is unfortunately the real world first millionairesCarlos Slim HellAlthough it is an amount which is not equal to Mr. 74 billion dollars (about 6 trillion 300 billion yen), it is the fourth place in the real worldBernard ArnaudHe surpassed his $ 41 billion (about 3.488 trillion yen), third placeWarren BuffettMr. $ 50 billion (about 4,254 billion yen) and second placeBill GatesMr. amounted to 56 billion dollars (about 4 trillion and 764 billion yen). It is clear that the second and lower ranking partners also possess huge assets sufficient for digging into the real-world chief ranking in treasure hunting, mining resource exploration, investment and company management, owned real estate and inheritance, respectively.

so,"2011 edition Fiction World's millionaires number top 15"Is as follows.

First place:Scrooge · McDuck(Total assets: 44.1 billion dollars: approx. 3 trillion 754 billion yen)

Scrooge familiar as Donald Duck's uncle, which appeared in numerous Disney works including "Mickey's Christmas Carol". It is said that the asset value has risen by 30% compared with last year due to gold price fluctuations in the past year as we make goods through mining moat mouth and treasure hunt and we hold most of our assets in gold.

Second place:Carlyle Karen(36.2 billion dollars: about 3.7 trillion yen)

Popular vampire novels and movies for teenage girlsTwilightCharacters in the series, the heroEdward KarenMy father - in - law. Carlisle, a vampire, is said to be living more than 360 years, so it seems that the assets have steadily swelled by investment and interest rates during that time.

3rd place:Artemis Foul II($ 13.5 billion: about 1.15 trillion yen)

Popular child literature "Artemis foulA 12-year-old genius boy who grew up as a legendary criminal family in Ireland, the hero of the series. In the real-world longest numbering, one of Facebook's founderDustin MoskovitzMr. 26 years old, younger one week from Mark Zuckerberg) was considered the world's youngest Billionaire (asset value more than 1 billion dollars) with an asset value of 1.4 billion dollars (about 119 billion yen), but 12 years old It may be that it is possible to be ranked third in the world by ranking in criminal activity, even if it is ranking in the fiction world.

4th:Richie Rich($ 9.7 billion: about 826 billion yen)

Starring Macaulay CulkinLive action filmThe hero of the popular comic · animation which was mocked, the chief of the richest family of the richest in the world. Assets are due to inheritance and company management.

5th place:Jed Kranpet($ 9.5 billion: about 809 billion yen)

American drama in the 1960 'Shrew on horseback billionaire"Jedo, the hero who digs the oil and natural gas inside the country farmer's premises, becomes a millionaire of Beverly Hills.

6th place:Tony Stark($ 9.4 billion: about 800.5 billion yen)

"IronmanHe is the hero and a manager of a giant munitions company. My parents were killed in accident on the birthday of 20, and it was decided to gain huge heritage and management rights of a large company.

7th place:Smawg($ 8.6 billion: about 732 billion yen)

J · R · R · TolkienNovel "Adventure of the hobbitIt is a golden dragon appearing in. It has a very greedy character, he is flying the mountain of treasures that attacked the town and robbed it.

8th place:Bruce Wayne($ 7 billion: about 596 billion yen)

I did not say "BatmanThe main character of. Although it is obvious that it is considerably rich as a result of developing super mecha by developing Super Mecha and fighting against evil, living in a mansion house, but inheriting a huge heritage from premature parents, a giant munition enterprise " It is said that it is becoming the largest shareholder of Wayne Enterprises.

9th place:Mr. Monopoly($ 2.6 billion: about 221.5 billion yen)

Popular board game "MonopolyMascot of top hat gentleman Mr. Monopoly's assets are the real New Jersey state which is the model of "Atlantic City" which became the first game stageAtlantic CityThe amount calculated based on real estate prices etc. By the way my real name is Milburn Pennybags, which was popularly known as "Rich Uncle Pennybags", but since the name "Mr. Monopoly" was widely adopted by the world,HasbroIt was officially renamed "Mr. Monopoly" in 1999 by the company's marketing strategy.

10th place:Arthur Back(1.8 billion dollars: about 153.5 billion yen)

Dudley MooreThe movie I play "Mr. Arthur"Arthur, the son of a millionaire who is a playboy in New York. It is a condition for marrying an asset marriage decided by a parent to inherit property, but falls in love with the waitress of a downtown one day.

11th place:Joe Bennett(1.2 billion dollars: about 102 billion yen)

British popular drama "The Office"ofAmerican versionThe characters of the office, the main office worked office supply companyDunder Mifflin Paper CompanyCEO of major electronics manufacturer group "Sabre" that acquired the company. He is a management skill who raised even a small electronic parts maker to a complex company of printers, scanners, and faxes as a progeny.

12th place:Charles Montgomery Burns($ 1.1 billion: about 94 billion yen)

"The Simpsons"Homer Simpson will serveSpringfield Nuclear Power PlantHe is the CEO and Director.

13th place:Chuck · Bus($ 1.1 billion: about 94 billion yen)

Popular entertainment novel series dramaized in the United States "gossip girlCharacters of characters. Narcissistic billionaires' sorceful chuck · bus in Playboy has become a young businessman inheriting real estate business etc. after his father's death.

14th place:Gordon Gecko($ 1.1 billion: about 94 billion yen)

movies"Wall StreetCharacters of characters. A man of the investment company 's pioneer "GEKKO & CO." Who casually encouraged work with ambitious ambition to get out of the poor life, was a person who caught up a lot of money with real estate investment as a trigger.

15th place:Jeffrey Rebowski(1 billion dollars: about 85 billion yen)

Coen brothers' movie "Big Lebowski」Is a character of the bowling and lazy protagonist Jeffrey Rebowski of the same name same name as the lazy fellow, a veteran who is injured in the Korean war and carries a wheelchair living. Assets are inherited from family members, and we are doing charity activities such as "Rebowski Foundation" to support children of poor families going on to university.

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