10 lies about introvert


Dr. Marti Olsen Laney, clinical psychology himself is introverted, pointed out 10 mistakes about introverts in his book "The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World".

"Inward" meansOne of character classification that Carl Jung inventedIt is defined as the personality that "interest is directed toward subjective factors in the inner world, thoughtful, it is not influenced by the opinions of others."

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1: I do not like to talk


An introverted person simply says, "I do not speak when there is nothing to say," it does not mean I do not particularly like to talk. However, I do not like to talk about rambling. So chatting will continue as much as you speak about what you like or what you are interested in. This is linked with the contents of No. 6, so there are too many things to think about, so it can be said that there is no time to chat unnecessary.

2: It is shy.


"Introvert" and "shy" are irrelevant. An introverted person is not afraid of others. It is said that "shy" is because introverted people do not actively engage with people, but because they think that a reason is necessary to interfere with each other. "Talk for the story" "Interference to interfere" I am sorry. If you want to talk to an introverted person from here, you just need to talk to me normally.

3: Rude way


Because they sometimes do not understand the social expression, introverted people are sometimes considered to be rude, impolite. As a matter of fact, they just want everyone to be honest in their true form. But unfortunately this hope can not be accepted in many environments, so an introverted person feels the pressure to get there and it gets tired.

4: I do not like humans


This is rather the opposite, I make "friends" only to be countable with one hand, but I will treasure that few friends very much. If it is thought that an introverted person is a friend, that is the state that it can be said that you got a alliance with the end of life.

5: I do not like to go public

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This is the correct answer "I do not like to get out for a long time". Because I do not want to get involved in complex things in public places and events. As it quickly gathers data and experience, as a result it just does not have to go outside. Then, go home and charge (to save power) and process data and experience. For introverted people this charging is extremely important.

6: I want to be alone all the time


An introverted person is satisfied satisfactorily with his thoughts and thoughts. They think a lot of things and indulge in fancy. Questions are my favorite things. However, I strongly hope to share discoveries and inspiration when I solve that question with someone I can truly trust. If this does not come true, you will experience an incredible solitude.

7: It's a magical existence


An introverted person is often an individualist. I will not follow public opinion, I often contradict the standard as I think for myself. When they decide something, there is no judgment that there is "general or not, fashionable".

8: It is an indifferent geek


As defined by Jung, introverted people are interested in subjective factors, their thoughts and emotions. It does not mean that you are not interested in the events that are occurring in the surroundings. However, my subjective thing is more exciting and worthwhile.

9: I do not know how to relax and how to enjoy

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As a character of an introverted person, I relax in the house and nature, but in the public place I do not relax. This is different from thrill seekers who pursue thrill and junkie of adrenaline poisoning. They shut out it when the surroundings are too loud or the noise is bad. There is a difference in the workings of dopamine between introvert and outgoing people.

10: An introverted person can cure his personality and become an outgoing person


An introverted person can not heal himself. However, there are still a lot of technologies to interact with introverted people who should be learned by outgoing people in this world. If there were no introverts in this world, the number of people such as scientists, musicians, artists, poets, filmmakers, doctors, mathematicians, writers and philosophers would be negligible.

"The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World" by Marti Olsen Laney is translated by Natsuko ShindaiChildren change the worldIt is published in the title of "It is published. It is not easy to understand people who are different in making brains, but is not this book destroying existing ideas and making footsteps?

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