"Kuote" that you can tweet by immediately scanning the sentences of the book you are reading

About reading newspapers, magazines, books and other prints touched in everyday life, while reading, please read the sentences and phrases you thought as "this!!" On the spot Twinkle · Facebook · Dropbox etc. It was designed with the concept of sending to and sharing this "Kuote"is.

Red dot online: design concept

Kuote Digital Reader And Sharing Device by Xu Tao, Wang Junfeng, Christina Yang & Gong Yanyan for Orange Labs Beijing »Yanko Design

Usage is like this. Because it is transparent, you can see through the other side.

If you rotate the cursor and move the cursor, scan it with OCR as it is and convert it to text

Choose to trace with fingers

If you slide it upwards as it is, you can send it directly to Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, etc. as it is via wireless communication · wireless LAN etc and share it

The meaning of words and phrases are also selected and the explanation will be displayed

How to reset if it shakes and shaky

It certainly will be a fascinating product if realized.

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