When I noticed that it should appeal to sensual underwear, another thing 'Fleurs du Mal'

In movies like crazy stiffness mess by appeal to the lingerie of sexy system famous brand 'Agent Provocateur', the new movie '

evil of Hana we are blown away even if (Fleurs du Mal)' is also to.

Video | Soiree | The Premium Lingerie Collection from Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur Fleurs du Mal --YouTube

The phone is ringing, so when I answer it ...

Laughter of a mysterious woman

I feel creepy and cut it, but it starts to ring again

After all, what you hear is the laughter of a woman

Look out but no one

The main character woman who hangs up in an uneasy atmosphere

Suddenly something outside the window!


Also indoors!

A woman who runs and runs away

What you are wearing flutters


Looking back, I think I haven't been chasing after ...


Faint ...

If you slip as it is, it will be dragged



The hero who was thrown into a mysterious room where beasts move



Further back to the corner of the room

Yes, this is the nest of beasts


Fearful female

An eccentric space

A woman who no longer knows what to do


Unbearably escape to the corner of the room

Didn't you notice ...

Looking back ...

That's right



A woman who is gradually cornered without knowing what the reason is





A woman who fell on her back and gave up on anything

Beasts flocking there

What you were wearing will be peeled off and you will be preyed on by beasts

The expression of giving up ...

It turns into an ecstatic expression ...

And what happens to her who was the victim of a beast, there is a punch line in the future, and somehow I can understand the meaningless flow so far.

In addition, the lingerie collection that appeared in the movie actually looks like this, and unlike general underwear, it is a very atmosphere-oriented design.

Until now, I have tended to make the following sensual and atmospheric movies.

Agent Provocateur --Home Collection --YouTube

However, when I think about it, I've made a movie of a situation like 'Voyeur through a hotel window' as shown below, so this is fine.

Mark Ronson's Girlfriend --Josephine de la Baume --Agent Provocateur Claim --YouTube

I have summarized some of the past movies in the related article. It's a quality that doesn't seem like a commercial.

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