Doujinshi sale sale really held just to shoot real picture of live-action movie


"Extra recruitment of doujinshi morning sale scene of live-action movie work", "In order to take realistic pictures, I will actually hold a doujinshi sale sale"Harumi terminal hallIt will be held on December 12th, 2011. Since December 12th is "Monday", it is "weekday".

"Comic plan" doujinshi sale sale

The outline of notes for general participants is as follows, and as for movie shooting, "shooting of the leader is impossible", "setting of November 2011", "winter clothes are no good, muffler, Please remove gloves etc at the venue ", and so on.

· First of all, please participate in understanding that participants may be reflected due to the extra shooting of movies.
· Cosplay available (original character only).
· Available for girls.
·There is no membership fee. Transportation fee is self-paying.
· There is no galler as extra.
· It is impossible to shoot the leading performer.
· We plan to prepare catalog of voluntary purchase system.
· Fried link available.
· It is setting in November 2011. (Do not wear clothes in midwinter, please remove mufflers, gloves etc at the venue.)

Furthermore, the notes summary of participating in circles is also different from common doujinshi sale, as "secondary creation is absolutely prohibited" and "cosplay permitted (original character only)".

· No secondary creation is forbidden. Only original doujinshi, doujin software, coterie CD, goods (dressing pillow etc is also OK) only.
· Allows distribution of works for adults.
· Circle participation fee is free, but expenses for transportation fee, loading etc. are borne by you.
· There is no galler as extra.
· We plan to prepare a catalog for voluntary purchase.
· Cosplay available (original character only).

Each detailed explanation is as follows.

"Comic Plan 12" General Participation Requirements

"Comic Plan 12" Circle Participation Requirements

What the hell is the movie, how much circle participation gathers, and how many people will eventually come will be totally unpredictable.

· Bonus

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