WiMAX uplink speed up to 15.4 Mbps faster during December

Up to 10 Mbps up to now, 64 QAM is newly introduced as WiMAX uplink (uplink) modulation method in December, so the maximum speed will be 15.4 Mbps.

Speed ​​up WiMAX uplink speed | UQ WiMAX - High speed mobile Internet with wireless broadband

It will be

According to UQ, "This 64 QAM is a" method of operation to convert to the optimum electric signal when data is transmitted and received by radio waves "," Considering the stabilization and speed of communication according to the radio environment We will apply resource allocation and automatically apply the modulation method that can achieve the best performance. "

The WiMAX equipment corresponding to the uplink speed improvement this time is undecided at this time and it seems that the compatible model list will be posted on the UQ homepage at a later date.

Also, from November 15, 2011 (Tue), UQ WiMAX Online Shop will release Pink and Lime as a new color variation of "URoad - 8000".

Started handling color variations of WiMAX Speed ​​Wi-Fi popular model URoad-8000 | UQ WiMAX - High speed mobile Internet with wireless broadband

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