IPhone case that seems to be mailed to the post by mistake with air mail

From practical to design-oriented things There are various iPhone cases, but there are things that are dangerous as there are plenty of playfulness. Air mail type protection case which Shanghai wholesaler began selling from November 10 is an iPhone case which seems to be posted in the post.

IPhone 4 4S 3G 3GS iPod touch compatible air mail type protection case Shanghai wholesaler DNSB - SPHO - Leather Envelope Case series [Mes 04]

Air mail type case with stamp design part also design

It is a shape that I absolutely do not think it is an iPhone case from a distance perspective

Inside the iPhone fits comfortably inside. IPhone 3G to iPhone 4S are compatible, and iPod touch can also be inserted.

Air mail is paper, but kore is made of leather so it will not be torn. The price is 799 yen including tax.

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