Seven billion people, how has humanity been increasing since then


On October 31, 2011, the world population exceeded 7 billion people, the world population fund revealed on 26th. "Make all babies born this day a human being of 7 billion people"about it. According to the announced census of October 2010 announced on that same day, it is only reported that the declining population in Japan finally started, but the number of people in the world continues to increase without knowing where to stay. The world population is said to reach 9 billion people in 2050, 10 billion people in the 21st century, how has it increased from prehistoric times to the present?

Since there is no clear data before the 19th century, there are large blurring in numerical values ​​for each researcher, but we will look at the outline in order from 10,000 years ago.

· Outline of the trend of the world population

United Nations Population Fund Tokyo Office

(PDF file)World Population White Paper 2011

Population Today, February 1995

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Columbine High School Massacre

Data from 10,000 years ago to the 18th century is UNITED NATIONS POPULATION INFORMATION NETWORK (POPIN)Data of 1995I referred to.

·Around 8000 BC(10,000 years ago): 5 million people

At this time in the Middle EastNeolithic periodAgriculture began after moving to sheep, goats, and pigs in West Asia. It is the first agricultural revolution of serious incidents in human history. Speaking of 5 million people is about the same as the current population of Fukuoka prefecture, but with this as a turning point the population has increased significantly.

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·Around the AD 1(2000 years ago): 300 million people

Octavianus was appointed Roman emperor,Imperial RomeWas established. In BethlehemJesusIs born. Christianity is born. Meanwhile, in China the former Han Dynasty was destroyed,Later HanIs established. There were already 300 million people at this time. It is quite a rate of growth that it is 60 times in 8000 years.


·Around the year 1650 AD(350 years ago): 500 million people

It involved greatly in Europe.Thirty Year WarI finally finished at this time. In ChinaMing dynastyWas destroyed, and Qing reigned China as the last unified dynasty. In the field of scienceNewtonButGravitationAnd established classical physics. This period is called the "scientific revolution", it is a driving force to create new technologies such as steam engines, and it will become the trigger of the "industrial revolution". The population is 1.6 times in 1650 and is somewhat gradual growth.


Below, data until 2011 is "World Population White Paper 2011I am referring to it.

·Year 1804 AD(207 years ago): 1 billion people

This yearNapoleon BonaparteBecame the Emperor of France. Involve European powersNapoleonic warHas started. In Europe, the industrial revolution has progressed at this time, innovation of agricultural technology is also done, food production is increasing, leading to population increase. Here the human rider got on the battle of 1 billion people. The population has doubled since 150 years.


·Year 1927 AD(84 years ago): 2 billion people

In ChinaChiang Kai-shekEstablished a national government in Nanjing, the national division occurred. Also,LindberghSucceeded in a single non-landing flight of the Atlantic Ocean, and in Japan the first subway between Ueno and Asakusa is open. Science and technology accelerates the speed of progress, and home appliances such as private cars, radios, washing machines and refrigerators spread in the United States, and lifestyles change. The population has doubled in this 120 years.

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·Christian calendar year 1959(52 years ago): 3 billion people

Cuban revolutionOccurred,Fidel CastroHas held the power. Broadcasting of NHK educational television began in Japan, "Weekly Shonen Magazine" "Weekly Shonen Sunday" was launched. More than 30 years to increase 1 billion people. Despite the occurrence of World War II, big wars and massacres have occurred, the population explosion will accelerate.

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·Christian era 1974(37 years ago): 4 billion people

Watergate IncidentByNixonThe US president resigns. In Japan, the first store in Seven Eleven opened in Tokyo. Also,"Space Battleship Yamato"Was aired and the first animation boom began. It took less than 50 years to double from 2 billion people to 4 billion people. Environmental problems accompanying population increase are also being cried out.

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·Christian era 1987(24 years ago): 5 billion people

Soviet UnionCommunist PartyGorbachevSecretary-General visits the United States for the first time, with President ReaganINF TreatySigned,Cold warBegan to head toward the end. NTT for the first time in Japan this yearmobile phoneStarted the service. It is very large compared with the current terminal, and the function is also limited. The population has finally reached 5 billion people. Hygiene and food conditions have also improved in developing countries, and the population is explodingly increasing.

·Christian era 1999(12 years ago): 6 billion people

In the last years of the thousand,Macau returned from Portugal to ChinaIt was done. Also,Michael MooreDirector's "Bowling for ColumbineIn America, Colorado State became a model ofColumbine high school gun shooting incidentOccurrence has occurred. It is this year that the phone number of the mobile phone · PHS became the same 11 digits as the present. The Internet has become widespread and popularized, and the word "information revolution" has come to be heard in general. It may be felt a while ago in 1999, but from this time onwards the population has increased by one billion people. By the way, it took 40 years for the population to double from 3 billion people. Population growth is accelerating.

·Christian calendar year 2011: 7 billion people

October 31 the world population reaches 7 billion people.

While the population continues to increase, the problems of consumption of food and energy are getting worse, while developed countries, including Japan, are expected to have a declining population and accelerate the declining birthrate and aging population, I am making it.

In response to those problems, Bapatunde Oshotyme, secretary general of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said, "What can I do to improve the world better?", Or " We need to ask what we can do to turn into driving force, "he says at the beginning of the" World Population White Paper 2011 ".

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