"Mankind will not evolve anymore," scientists mentioned

It is said that most of the living things on earth are evolving according to the environment. Human beings are no exception, they evolved from Ramapithecus and Australopithecus and have arrived at the present human beings.

However, according to recent research, the evolution of human beings has already stopped, and it seems that it will not be much different from the present human even after many years. From a person living in the present, even if it is said that a human being evolved appears after a few years, it will not come as a pin, but even if it is told that it will not evolve in the contrary, I feel that there is something like a dream somehow.

Let's see why mankind no longer evolves.

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Evolution stops here: Future Man will look the same, says scientist | Mail Online

According to Professor Steve Jones of University College London, the evolution of mankind has stopped, and it seems that even if mankind has survived for a million years in the future, it is almost the same as mankind now.

According to Mr. Jones, evolution is born under a harsh environment, and it seems that evolution will not occur under the current blessed environment. When put in a harsh environment, it is necessary to evolve individuals who caused mutation to overcome the environment.

Historically, because of illness, hunger and harsh natural environment, there are so many children who die before becoming adults, and half of the children died before they were twenty years old. In such a harsh environment, it is said that children (individuals) with genes that are resistant to disease and cold are born by mutation, evolved by being inherited from the individual to the next generation .

In the present age where medical and technology develops and food is also abundant, evolution happens because it is easy to make surrounding environment moderate and it is not placed in a harsh environment where half of children die. It seems that the possibility is low.

Looking at the process of evolution in a picture looks like this.

Also, the fact that the number of children born is decreasing seems to be one of the reasons for stopping evolution. In short, the idea that there is a possibility that children with genes that will evolve will be born if there are many children born.

What is necessary for evolution seems to be "to survive" and "to lay a child with genes necessary for evolution". Regarding 'surviving', it is easier than comparing with the old days, but it is very difficult with respect to 'laying births with genes necessary for evolution'. Even if I become older, I can not expect to evolve without making a child even if I am genetically declining

He gave examples of Morocco Moray Ismail and Bin Laden family who made as many as 888 children over 60 years and explains that the number of children made by a single male is decreasing. Also, as society becomes world wide, it seems that evolution will be hindered.

It seems that words such as 'human beings evolved completion system' occasionally seen in manga etc. could have been realistic. However, it seems that it is not taken into consideration that there might be a change in surprising environment.

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