Bicycle exclusive lane will appear on the roadway, and it will be expanded to the whole area of ​​Tokyo from next fiscal year

ByDaniele Sartori

The National Police Agency is strengthening the crackdown on bicycles in response to bicycle involvement and accidental bicycling violations. With this trend, the Metropolitan Police has devised a design that specifies where the bicycle should travel on the roadway. The picture above is a bicycle lane in Paris. (Asahi Shimbun): "This is a bicycle only" Newly displayed on the roadway Metropolitan Police Department, To Tokyo Maintenance - Society

Metropolitan Police Department: Bicycle is "Blue Lane" Drive Countermeasure - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

Originally the bicycle was classified as a light vehicle, basically the roadway was the principle, but in reality there were not many people running on the roadway, and they were renowned innocent.

However, in recent years, a bicycle boom has occurred, accidents such as a bicycle hitting a pedestrian causing injuries, and cases where the bicycle ignores the rule. For this reason, the police strengthened the crackdown. Although it said that it strengthened, it talked that it came to protect the principle ignored so far. The only thing that you can run on the sidewalk is basically when the sign that the bicycle is permitted to pass is only available. Otherwise you can get guidance and warnings and arrests of malicious ones.

ByMagda Constantin

It is no longer a rare scene that bicycles ignore the red light, and at the Oi pier, lovers of competitive bicycle gather and traffic violation is gathered collectivelyThe Metropolitan Police Department has moved to seizureThe case has become news.

Also, the bicycle's topic is attracting attention to the competition bike "Pist (No Brake Pist)" which removed the brake.

Bicycles running on public roads have an obligation to wear brakes, but Pisto removes this, some of whom are riding while knowing illegality. A comedian who became a champion in the M - 1 Grand Prix in September this year, Mitsutaka Fukuda of the tutorial has cut a traffic ticket.

Tutorial: Mr. Fukuda, Bad maintenance on bicycle - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

Race players who should be professional bicycles were also caught as being on the road in public roads.

Sakura station caught by racetrack "Pist" driving | Shimono Shimbun "SOON"

In parallel with such awareness and guidance of the rules, the Metropolitan Police Agency announced that it will display a bicycle exclusive lane on the roadway in order to clearly show the classification of the bicycle. The dedicated lane is written with arrows and is one way so it will be subject to guidance and warning by police officers although traffic tickets are not cut even if they are sent backwards.

Display of bicycle exclusive lane

This bicycle lane is aimed at roads where the width is narrow to maintain the bicycle path, and paints about 37 cm on the left side of the road blue to make it a lane. The road with sidewalks in Tokyo now has about 5,740 km, but the road around the station which has a sidewalk width of less than 3 m and has a margin for the width of the roadway is selected as the model area first, and we will implement it.

In addition, it seems that the crossing zone of the bicycle at the crosswalk of the intersection also plans to expand towards the center in the future.

In the future, each department of the Metropolitan Police will choose a place with high traffic volume inside the pipe, show a safe route that the bicycle can travel, and post it on the website. Not all bicyclist enthusiasts obey the rules, but malicious rule violators will not fail.

Regarding lane display to the roadway, it is questionable whether it spreads smoothly or not, due to problems such as the illegal parking problem of the car and how to do the bus stop.

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