Ultra "deep" layer building, huge building 300 meters underground

While skyscrapers can effectively utilize limited land, there are also harmful effects that destroy historical landscapes. Mexican architect Esteban Suarez designed an inverted pyramid type deep-sea building that does not destroy the cityscape while having the convenience of a skyscraper.

Earth-scraper: Architects design 65-storey building 300 meters below ground | Mail Online

This is "Earth Scraper" proposed by Suarez. The depth is 300 meters underground and it is equivalent to a 65 story building.

Image when looking into from above. The whole is a funelike structure, divided into several hierarchies.

The central part is a hollow, and facilities such as a shopping area are established in the surroundings.

Natural light is taken in by the glass-ceiling ceiling, and it has a rich green area though it is underground.

"Earth Scraper" is planning to build to the center of Mexico City. The image below is the current state of the candidate site.

The capital city Mexico City was a huge city called "Tenochtitlan" during Aztec Kingdom. It seems that a museum that preserves Aztec culture will be established ten levels from the ground.

Structure model of "Earth Scraper".

Mexico City enforces the ordinance to limit the construction of buildings above the 8th floor for the purpose of preserving the historical landscape. Suarez says that 'Earth Scraper' is the optimal structure as a building that does not destroy the landscape.

Earth Scraver is too outrageous design, but if it is realized it should not only solve the problem of space but also as a new symbol of Mexico City, it will also be an attraction to attract tourists from all over the world . If it seems that there is no problem with earthquake resistance etc, it seems that it can be used as a reference in Japan suffering from land problems.

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