"Aquaduct" is a wonderful way to go to the ground "The world was made by God, but the Netherlands was made by Dutch people"

We prosper by accepting people who were persecuted for reasons and beliefs in other countries,The world was made by God, but the Netherlands was made by the Dutch"As you can also see from the fact that it is said that the Netherlands have made landfill and expanded the country landscape as revealed, but the ground of the reclaimed land has not yet declined, making" Aquaduct ". The above picture is exactly that, and if you look closely, the boat and the way through the ship pass over the road through which the car passes, and the structure is such that the ship and the automobile intersect three-dimensionally. In short, I built a way through the "under" of the canal.

Details are as below.
When you look at the real places on Google Mapsaround hereis.

If you expand another similar place on Google Maps in the NetherlandsIt will be.

Grotere kaart weergeven

The completed place is also amazing, but we are constructing a similar thing like this, which is also awesome.

Soms begint de aanleg van een weg onder water - Walcheren - Regio - PZC

The deepest bottom part is 16 meters underground and the tunnel part is composed of a concrete box with a length of 125 meters, a width of 20 meters, and a height of 6 meters, making it by moving it It is said that it is a big scale of scale considerably.

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