"Saber campaign plate" where the sword sticks to rice, Fate / Zero cafe limited menu taste review

With ufotabele cafe holding stores in Tokushima City and Nakano Ward, animation"Fate / Zero"The Fate / Zero cafe opened on 1st October as the airing of the show started.Gusset ★ AsobiIn this period, I went to ufotable cafe in Tokushima.

Ufotable cafe

Arrived at ufotable cafe just 2 minutes on foot from Shinchomachi Higashi Koen.

The limited menu of the Fate / Zero cafe is "Saber campaign plate" 900 yen (tax included), 2 kinds of 500 yen (tax included) each original drink "Saber" "Kiriga".

First we received a drink menu.

Blue colorful "Saber". It can also be an alcoholic cocktail with Jin at plus 200 yen.

Unexpectedly sweet taste is definite and it feels good when I want to drink a sweet carbonated drink.

When ordering 'Saber', you will receive a coaster of Saber without omission.

"Kiriga" is coconut flavored ice coffee.

Coconut emphasizes sweetness and fragrance, it seems to be compatible with sweets. This can also be an alcohol cocktail with coconut liqueur at plus 200 yen.

Kirigami coaster is included in "Kiri".

And the "Saber campaign plate" is a combo plate combining sweet ginger noodles with cabbage, mayonnaise and rice.

A golden sword to be victorious is standing above the rice. Lovely one handed swordy.

A plate that can be eaten fresh with a good balance of ginger-fried cabbage, cabbage and paprika. The taste of grilled ginger is not too sweet and too sweet, and it is finished in a reasonable way.

This time I ordered "Homemade Tiramisu" 400 yen (tax included) in the regular menu.

While keeping the rich flavor of cheese tightly, the overall texture is light with a spongy which is fancy. Sweetness is not too tight, scent is good, so it is Tiramisu which men can enjoy.

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